Termination of Service.

Discussion in 'REME' started by Thread_Bear, Aug 31, 2006.

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  1. Need some advice here... Whats the score with signing off when your unit has been warned off for a tour? (op Telic 10) Can your OC actually stop you from terminating your colour service? I always thought it was your right to sign off whenever you feel like it. (unless timebarred) :?:
  2. I'm not sure this thread warrants an answer.
  3. if you dont know the answer to my question why waste your time replying! helpfull people like you are the reason i want to leave the army.
  4. I could post something that would drag this on for a while but I'm going to resist the temptation, and its a massive one at that, but, here goes with the common-sense approach, prolly with a slight rant added at the end...

    Yes, young man, the OC/CO CAN INDEED stop you from signing off when warned off for a tour. It happens all the time and has done for years... Hence the fact that if you do one and go AWOL when warned off for a tour the consequences are much worse than if you just nipped out for a pizza and forgot to come back at a more 'normal' time in the readiness cycle. So, whilst knowing that the answer to your question is indeed yes he can, I'm not well enough boned up on the exact legalities of the whole thing to advise you further and suggest you nip into the RHQ bit and ask the desk-commando types, but at the moment, you are well truely stuck.....

    And why is that? you ask



    There, I feel better, you might not, but I dont care..... Oh and I'm prolly now one of the reasons you want to leave as well, and THAT makes me even happier.
  5. Good answer.

    Thread_Bear - Why have you decided to terminate your service at the start of a tour?

    If it was the start of an expedition to the Grand Canyon / Red Sea etc, the admin office would only see you when you wanted an advance of beer tokens.

    You are a cnut.
  6. I think he's scared.
  7. Big girl
  8. I dont want your opinions, i was after THE BOOK answer!
    not "hes the OC he can do what he wants" (maybe 10 years ago, but im sure 'human rights' changed all that) so if you dont actually know the answer dont bother commenting!

    1. Im not a young lad
    2. Op Telic 10 is 8 months away (so its not the start of a tour)
    3. I have a chest full of medals (im not scared, in fact i have volunteered for many a tour)
    4. I really have had enough of the army. i have done everything i wanted to do. and met some really good people. I now want to go and do something different. is that really too much to ask!

    if someone actually knows the answer to my question then please reply sensibly because i get the feeling my oc is more worried about his manning than actually telling me the truth.
  9. Go to the RAO to get the book answer.

    Don't expect the answer you are after though, be like a German Vegetarian Pessimist.....and fear the Wurst.
  10. If your not a young man and you have a chestful of been there badges(and is brave), you should know the answer instead of making yourself look daft on this site.
  11. Thread_bear

    Are you a vm or recy mech? if so the co has good grounds for not allowing you to sign off when your unit has been warned for ops. pinch point trades and all that. If I were you and you're scared of going on ops just say that you object to the whole iraq/afganistan invasion thang and believe that they are illegal. then your boss would have to stick you on rear party but still not let you sign off.
  12. Errrr, Thread_Bear...
    Something you want to tell us young 'un....

    If you aren't too busy polishing your medals or being brave, or even fibbing slightly pehaps?.....


    Here's your Cop out
  15. I still want to know why he's getting advice on this thread about signing off and he's bigging himself up in another saying he's already done it - there are better ways of getting attention - like dousing yourself in petrol and taking a zippo to yourself. Which on the face of it might save him and everyone within 10 miles of him a load of grief.......