Termination of Service.

Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by Collooo, Jul 5, 2013.

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  1. Im wondering if anyone knows if there is a procedure to try overturn discharge from the Army?

    I have being told i am to be discharged under QR's para 9.404, but i have being very unfairly treated and feel that i don't deserve this.

    If anyone has any information on how to try appeal this, it would be a great help

  2. Misconduct ? So what happened ?
  3. 9.404 - I believe that is the Misconduct para, correct? I wouldn't post the details of what it is you're meant to have done on here, and instead take it up with your Pl Comd via an interview, to air your grievances.
  4. I agree with Timble, above ^

    If you have put in a service complaint, I would cease posting anything linked to the case, or you could possibly forfeit the case/evidence.

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  5. Misconduct, yes.

    As timble said, i wont be putting full details but basically, this incident happened 13 months ago, i went to court martial and i was admonished as the judge basically said that i was unlucky to have being in the situation and that i should just be careful whilst drunk . . the CO wasn't happy with that result so then he applied for my discharge.

    How can that be legal? i was punished in the way of admonition plus my lawyers fee's . . . so how can he then apply for my discharge for the same reason?
  6. You may be thinking of the "double jeopardy" rule, but discharge under 9.404 isn't actually a punishment, so "double jeopardy" doesn't apply.

    Have you received the paperwork? I'd be interested to know which sub-paragraph of 9.404 the action is being taken under.

    If you like you can PM me with the details rather than post them in public.
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  7. I think you should tell all. Go on... I'm bored.

  8. In my humble opinion this is sound advice, take it.

    It is in the least unwise to post anything in a public forum that may prejudice you in any way at a later date.
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  9. I have a MA in Law and tell me & others all about it in the public domain*

    *But as this is NOT the naafi i suggest you do as others have said and take the advice given in previous posts!
  10. It's quite easy actually, he fills in a little form which is sent to Upavon and they agree with it. SNLR.

    Don't let the door bang your arrse on the way out.
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  11. I didn't get SNLR, get off your high horse thinking you know it all fella. (N)
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    There's no need to fella people.
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