Termination Leave

Any guidance is appreciated

I signed off in January as a Captain, I asked for early release and signed a form saying I understood I wasn't entitled to GRT or any resettlement grants etc. That I was happy with.

I attended my briefing with my IERO and was informed I was still entitled to 28 day termination leave.

Fast forward six months and the day I was due to go on termination leave, I received a message saying if I didn't return to work I was going to be charged with being AWOL, despite being on ILA at the time.

This week was the first time anyone from RHQ had taken an interest in my resettlement activities despite my OC being happy with what I was doing and my replacement had already arrived in May. I had changed my resettlement plans and have now used up my ILA as I was under the impression from my IERO that I was entitled to termination leave.

I was told I was not allowed terminal leave as I was leaving before the 12 month notice period.

I have read JSP 575 and can see no where where it says I have forfeited terminal leave.

At no point has my regiment given me a UBO or UIO brief I have organised all resettlement activity myself.

I have been told to return to work and will work until my last day in the Army 31 July.

Do I have a case for a service complaint?

Am I entitled to termination leave?
Terminal leave is only an entitlement to those who have reached the end of their engagement although it is the gift of the chain of command to allow other cases to take it. It is almost ubiquitous for PVR. Terminal leave cannot be more than 20 days and must be taken in the last working days of Service.
An extract from JSP 760:



19.001 Terminal Leave is designed to assist resettlement and is to be granted
to qualifying Service personnel on completion of service.


19.002 Service personnel are to be granted 20 working days’ Terminal Leave on completion of their commission/engagement. Also, although it is a concession at the Commanding Officer’s (CO) discretion, Terminal Leave should normally be granted to Service personnel leaving prematurely (eg. on PVR, pregnancy or compassionate reasons). Subject to the maximum Terminal Leave period of 20 working days, Service personnel whose service is terminated prematurely are to be granted 1 day’s Terminal Leave for each complete month of service, provided that they will have completed a minimum of 6 months’ service. Terminal Leave, however, is not normally to be granted to Service personnel whose service is terminated prematurely for misconduct.

19.003 Where Service personnel serving outside the UK have applied to serve their last six months in the UK and for Service reasons their applications is declined by their career management staffs they are exceptionally to be granted a total of 40 working days Terminal Leave.


19.004 Terminal Leave is to be granted, where possible, in the last 20 working days of paid service (where 19.003 applies, it is to be taken in the last 40 working days of paid service). Only in exceptional cases (eg. sickness or injury) may service be extended to enable Terminal Leave to be taken, and extensions are not permitted to fulfil any other type of absence.

19.005 At the discretion of the CO, and on the understanding that a replacement will not be brought forward, all outstanding leave, other than Re- Engagement and Relocation Leave, must be taken with Terminal Leave. Service personnel will not be paid for untaken leave except in lieu of death in service. (see Annual Leave para 1.013)
Just had a look on the DM(A) site and the Officers' Early Release Scheme letter refers to para 19.002 above. The certificate you should have completed states you may lose Terminal Leave and that your entitlement to it rests with the CO.
Regardless of the detail I fail to see what use you will be to the Regiment in the last few days and what possible benefit there is in being small minded about the whole thing.

Another great example of those still in not understanding the mindset and requirements of those shortly to depart - what these warriors forget is that everyone leaves at some point. Their time will come.

Doesn't help with your query. Sorry.
Have you put a request in to your CO for extra leave? I put a letter in requesting 35 days CO Grant and got that as well ( the CO can grant you pretty much whatever they like within reason I only asked for 35 days), and was given that on top of the rest (Terminal leave, GRT etc). I now have 6 months off with paid leave. As a SNCO im not sure of what you are entitled to as an officer. There is no harm if you feel you have been seen off putting in a service complaint....what do you have to loose?

Good luck
I have recently left the service (Army) 05 Jul 13 where I was working at SPVA - I gave 11 months notice and received FULL termination leave (and a little extra) actually finished work on 15 Feb !!! ... You are entitled to full termination leave - even if you had PVR'd the only thing it should/would effect is you entitlement to resettlement. Personally, I'd go have a chat with your OC armed with the JSP ..... good luck

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