Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by missmoneypenny5445, May 10, 2007.

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  1. Have already spoken to the JPA helpdesk on this who stated that i'd need to go through MCM Div, went through MCM Div, they are saying we need to go through our Bde, who have redirected us back to JPA helpdesk (going around in circles).

    the problem is, we have a soldier who submitted their termination papers in Nov 07, all was confirmed and agreed. The soldier has now changed his mind and wishes to remain in the army. On looking at the soldiers record on JPA, there is no record of any termination therefore unable to cancel the termination which lead to me making various telephone calls to those in Paragraph One. Has anybody else come across this problem and have they managed to solve it. Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. Really?
  3. ok smart arse, i meant Nov 06
  4. The whole area of Terminations seems to be a shambles. I have two personnel who went out in early in April but the SPVA say that they are still serving and has even managed to Assign one of them to a new unit. When one phones up the EC the answers are:

    a. We wont talk to you ask the soldier to make an I Request (but of course they're out and don't have access.

    b. Talk to your Unit HR (ie talk to myself, as if I don't do too much of that already!)

  5. I went to the admin office today as i wanted to sign off and they gave me my JPA login and I logged in and completed the process myself. This is because the paperwork i originally filled in was returned by Glasgow and the clerks had to sit on it until JPA kicked in. I believe if you want to sign back on after terminating you also need to get your own JPA login and sign back on as a self service user. The HR admin staff cannot do it by proxy. Hope this helps.
  6. MMP5445,

    You are correct. Those that signed off prior to JPA do not have a record on the system so cannot apply to sign back on using JPA. I have a couple of cases like this at the moment and R SIGNALS MCM Div have issed clear guidance that the old 6848 paperwork should be completed and send direct to them, not Colours Wng which would have been the norm before. Suggest you speak to your chain of command and get them to confirm this and submit your paperwork soonest.


    Spot on. Although the window for issuing paswwords to individuals does not formally open until Mon we have been issuing them out to those individuals who wish to submit NTT and this has allowed them to carry out the requisite action online. System seems to be working so far.

  7. Hobgoblin,

    On a previous case we did complete a 6848 and sent it to MCM Div, however they returned it stating it had to be done through JPA!!!! Have again spoken with MCM Div who have said it can be done through JPA, apparently the soldier has to go into JPA and sign off again and then reverse it. We are going to give that a go as well as sending a 6848 and covering note to MCM Div, and see what happens. Thanks all for your advice.
  8. Although I am out now I am aware that a whole load of 6848s that went to Glasgow before Christmas have not been input on the system - many of them have just started to turn up at units having been returned for action post JPA! I know this is the case because it has c*cked up my discharge. If they haen't changed his ROD on the system by now I don't think they are going to do it and it is going to land firmly back in the lap of the Admin Office - not to bad for the guy who has changed his mind as nothing will happen but I rather suspect that there are guys who have signed off and expect to be out this autumn, if the paperwork hasn't been actioned??

    Good luck with it :twisted:
  9. Yep, thats what we get aswell, Log an I Support from Unit HR only to get the answer, refer to your Unit HR case closed....Barking. :x
  10. Your ICT at Bde should have identified with all their Units who they had on the Legacy Discharge System prior to 310307 (i.e. all those discharges notified prior to this date), we carried out this action and upon looking at JPA our discharges were all there.
  11. Sorry to dig this thread up but i'm having a major JPA termination headache...

    I've been trying to sign for a month, but it says I have an old termination pending. When I go to withdraw it and submit a new one, it says I have a withdrawal pending.

    After 15+ calls to the JPAC and numerous visits to my UAO, i'm no further down the line, having only been presented with various theories (my original termination in 2012 when I left the RAF hasn't been actioned properly / my clerk is delgating workflows rather than delegating / my JPA hierarchy is setup wrong etc etc) none of which are helpful.

    Does anyone know where I can turn? My boss has done his best by contacting somone at APC Glasgow but we've heard nothing off them. The JPAC don't want to help an the UAO don't seem to know what to do.

    Thanks in advance....
  12. First thing I'd do is submit a quick service complaint detailing your actions so far, and what result you want (ie termination date), saying that this is now impinging on your ability to plan your life etc as you are being prevented from leaving the army. This will hermit on to the Adjutants (and then CO's) desk, which should give the process a kickstart - and a direct route into APC Glasgow.

    It will only take an hour or so to do the SC, and won't hurt you any way.

    I'm not an APC guru, but the guys/girls up there with Super User powers will be able to solve this; it just a matter of getting through to the right person, and them having the right motivation. The Adjt/CO will want the SC gone ASAP, so it should be doable.
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  13. Will do, many thanks. Bring back the old paper forms rather than f*cking JPA!
  14. Spot on advice.