Termination issues

Christ nothing ever winds up being simple with me. :D

Right, once again I must avoid giving too much information away. However, I submitted my termination three months ago and it wound up being sat in someones workflow for three months up at Glasgow and was not actioned. It vanished from the system and the response from those helpful folk was to resubmit my application when I arrive at my new unit. After threatening to submit a service complaint they suddenly found it on the system and assured me that it would got through as normal. Cue signing into JPA and a notice appears that my termination was cancelled and to resubmit it from the original date I had entered the first time around. I have done so, and printed off ten copies of this notification telling me I can use my original date and scattered them to the four corners of the earth for future reference to. Now my termination has not being actioned yet but I've been told rumours of my termination being actioned from the date I resubmitted it and not the date I had originally entered. I'm hoping this is not the case but in case this occurs where do I stand for redress?
JSP 831 Service Complaint. Go see your Troop/Platoon Commander or CSM and they will help you. (or more to the point the Adjutant will helm them to help you-that's his job)
I've been stiffed by JPA workflows 'disappearing' before - I print EVERYTHING these days, as soon as I've pressed submit.
Speak to your RCMO. He has a red phone with a a direct link to someone who matters at Glasgow!

Seriously, he/she is your best bet - if they(Glasgow) fob you off, speak to RCMO he/she can get your date changed - although you will probably have to sign of on a AF B6848 as JPA is a bit crap once you have signed off, and it does not action first time.

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