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There's this recent article in the CBC about price cuts:

F-35 fighter jet price to fall with new Pentagon deal - Politics - CBC News

That's supposedly 4 percent next year and 4 percent the following year. There's no information on whether that involves deleting some features from the planes or not. It also doesn't say whether this is simply part of the previously planned price structure (the price for the first experimental batches were planned to cost more than the subsequent ones). The plane is still massively over budget even under the most optimistic of scenarios.

In other words, there is some strategic leaking and counter-leaking being performed. Rumours about cancellation will come out, followed by PR from LM on how they're "hitting milestones".

One thing that I have noticed about the news reports is that these days they are focused on cost and timing. It seems that not many people are impressed with the "fifth generation" line of PR anymore. A lot of the features that were supposed to be unique to the F-35 are getting retrofitted to newer versions of the F-18 or offered as an option at a fraction of the overall cost. I imagine that the same sort of upgrades could be done with the Typhoon, if users were interested enough to pay for them.
Being as though the partners have just signed LRIP6&7 I doubt its in a nosedive.

As more aircraft are ordered parts become cheaper, as they mature in design, fewer changes and then the production line running as production and not development costs will come down.

But you have to remember, CPI and therefore wages go up each year, the demand of the fancy metals they use in the latest technologies pushed the high priced parts even higher so it isnt a straight forward buy more save more.
Its just the DoD playing politics.

The F-35 will not be cancelled, far too much pork at stake.


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Good. Can we get back to a proper argument about F-18's and navalised Rafales please.
Get with the programme. Rafales are naval, just a bit antiquated. It's navalised Typhoon that apparently BAE are desperate to sell the RN. Or not.

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