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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Repartee, Oct 18, 2012.

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  1. Just a quick question reference terminal leave.

    The 20 working days leave you get, does it get added to your leave balance and you have to submit the dates on JPA or do they just bring your 'last day in the Army' forward by 20 working days?

    The reason I ask is because I want to book a holiday during the last month before my complete sign off date.

    Will my last day in the Army be the day before my terminal leave starts and then that is it? Basically am I guaranteed to have my terminal leave off?
  2. Repartee,

    You still have to input your terminal leave on JPA, you can use your GRT (up to 35 days for 12 plus years service), any remaining Annual Leave and 20 Terminal leave to effectively finish a couple of months before your end of Service.
  3. Thank you for your reply. So the terminal leave should be added to my balance in due course. I heard a rumour that a unit can't refuse you your terminal leave for the last remaining weeks in the Army? I just want to be certain if I book this holiday I will be able to go on it.
  4. Repartee,

    The extract below is from JSP 760. Note the language used 'is to be granted', 'are to be granted'. There is no mention of a CO being able to stop Terminal leave, but you would be stupid not to have Insurance in place, just in case. Check with your HR bod to ensure Terminal leave is added to JPA for you and check with your CoC that you can take all remaining leave before your last day of Service.

    Have you used all of your GRT?


    19.001 Terminal Leave is designed to assist resettlement and is to be granted
    to qualifying Service personnel on completion of service.
    19.002 Service personnel are to be granted 20 working days’ Terminal Leave
    on completion of their commission/engagement. Also, although it is a concession
    at the Commanding Officer’s (CO) discretion, Terminal Leave should normally be
    granted to Service personnel leaving prematurely (eg. on PVR, pregnancy or
    compassionate reasons). Subject to the maximum Terminal Leave period of 20
    working days, Service personnel whose service is terminated prematurely are to
    be granted 1 day’s Terminal Leave for each complete month of service, provided
    that they will have completed a minimum of 6 months’ service. Terminal Leave,
    however, is not normally to be granted to Service personnel whose service is
    terminated prematurely for misconduct.
    19.003 Where Service personnel serving outside the UK have applied to
    serve their last six months in the UK and for Service reasons their applications is
    declined by their career management staffs they are exceptionally to be granted
    a total of 40 working days Terminal Leave.
    19.004 Terminal Leave is to be granted, where possible, in the last 20 working
    days of paid service (where 19.003 applies, it is to be taken in the last 40 working
    days of paid service). Only in exceptional cases (eg. sickness or injury) may
    service be extended to enable Terminal Leave to be taken, and extensions are
    not permitted to fulfil any other type of absence.
    19.005 At the discretion of the CO, and on the understanding that a
    replacement will not be brought forward, all outstanding leave, other than Re-
    Engagement and Relocation Leave, must be taken with Terminal Leave.
    However, it is essential that individuals make sure that they do not accumulate
    too much leave prior to departing the Service as it may not always be possible for
    units to accede to their request for leave. Service personnel will not be paid for
    untaken leave except in lieu of death in Service. (see Annual Leave para 1.013)
    19.006 FTRS or ADC Reserve personnel receive Terminal Leave but at the
    following rates:
    a. FTRS – one day Terminal Leave for each calendar month up to a
    maximum of 10 working days.
    b. ADC – one day Terminal Leave for every 21 days worked up to a
    maximum of 7 days.
  5. be aware that Terminal Leave does not get 'added' to your JPA leave balances, it is simply put on for you by CHRS (your actual dates etc)
  6. Thank you.

    Also one more quick question. As my leaving date is in the summer of 2013, can I still automatically carry over up to 15 leave days to next year? I heard a rumour that if you are signed off you are not allowed to carry any leave days over to the next year.
  7. If you have 15 days left it will be carried over regardless, add that to 20 days terminal, plus 2.5 days a month from 1st of Apr up until your discharge date.
  8. Erm, can you carry leave over? I thought that was only if there were other reasons (operational) that you could not take it in the current leave year. Plus, I got called in off my terminal leave to attend a court martial (as character witness, I hasten to add). No way I could get out of it and even earned a reprimand for turning up in a suit as I'd already flogged my SD.
  9. Cheers for that info
  10. Thank you for clearing that up. I thought it was a load of offal when the person told me that.
  11. Or you can do what I did. Simply count back from your termination day all the leave, GRT and termination leave you have left. Add a few more cause your worth it and then walk into the bosses office, tell him that xxx is your last day, and Im off to hand all my kit in. I will be in the bar if you need me. Then, and this is the crucial bit, don't put any of it on JPA because, lets face it, who the frig cares...

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  12. Upto 15 days rolls over, anything else you have to justify it.

    Re signing off, be warned that your leave is 'normalised', ie they look at how many days in that year you have left (financial year, april to april) and remove leave as neccesary (I think you get 1 days leave for every 9), anyway watch out for any roll over being whipped off during this process.
  13. Im telling.

    Is it as bad as they all say that CIVDIV posting is DS???

    Getting scarey now and this time its for real no more chance of continuance
  14. Its great mate, don't believe everything people tell you. I love it and haven't looked back. As long as you know what you want to do mate all is well. Feel free to drop me a pm if you want any help mate as I have built up a few contacts. Most important thing, Network like mad!

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