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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Steve169, Jun 21, 2011.

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  1. Not far off leaving the army now, I have 20 days terminal leave but.... I was told today by my clerk that this is taken the 20 days after my last day of service ? is the true ? I thought it was the 20 days before. :bounce:
  2. Surely it would be before!
  3. Before. Your clerk is ace
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  4. Oh and good luck on the other side
  5. The best bit about that is there is a guy here thats leaving in a matter of days is waiting on his................
  6. I think your clerk might need a 'right hook' chat
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  7. I don't think the 20 days thing is right either, but I'm a mere bird who is off poorly sick and HAVEN'T GOT ANY BLOODY BOOKS WITH ME!

    If some ****** tries to tell me that I am not having all my Terminal Leave, Resettlement Leave and a percentage of the leave from this year and the leave that was carried over from last year, they will get a very short sharp shock.
  8. yeah but you've got tits.

    how the **** can you be bored?
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  9. You can have as much terminal leave as you want once youv'e left!! - won't get much pay for it though. Normal terminal leave is your last 28 calendar days of service.

  10. And unlike other types of leave, it DOES include weekends.
  11. hence the use of the expression "calendar days"

  12. Just making it clear so there was no ambiguity. People tend to see only what they want to see sometimes :)
  13. And hence the confusion with the 20/28 days. It is 28 days including weekends, 20 if you don't.
    And to the OP, kick your clerk in the goolies. Unless he is going to ensure you get an extra months pay after you've left, terminal leave is before your due date.
  14. Thats what the other fella seems to think he is going to be getting !
  15. Steve169,

    What did your clerks boss say when you told them about the f@*k up?