Terminal leave/resettlement

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by ViroBono, May 25, 2007.

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  1. The lovely Mrs VB is due to leave the army in a few months time. The situation has been complicated by her needing some med treatment which should have been carried out last year but wasn't - it has been suggested that her service may need to be extended to accommodate this, but no decision has been taken.

    In the meantime, she has been told to act as if her run-out date won't change and carry on with her resettlement course. However, she has been told that part of her terminal leave will be taken up by rehab, and that she may not get all the rest of it because she's needed at work. She also has about 20 days annual leave left that she's been told she won't get.

    Where does she stand with this? She needs her terminal leave to organise a job (so she can keep me in the manner to which I have become accustomed); should this not be 'protected' time, or is there any sort of payment in lieu if she doesn't get it? The unit are very vague and don't seem to want to commit themselves or give a definitive answer.

    Grateful for any advice from those in the know.
  2. Have seen a couple of people having their discharge date extended due to attending rehab etc. Would think it pretty unlikely that you can be forced to work through the Terminal Leave period. If there was a genuine case for it i.e Operational reasons then again the discharge date should be extended to allow the said person their full resettlement entitilement.
    There is also the option of getting your missus entitlements transferred to you.
    According to the Tri Service Resettlement Manual:
    "0603. In exceptional circumstances, a medical condition might preclude in-Service access to the resettlement support to which an individual is entitled. In such cases the Medical Board may recommend that resettlement be deferred post discharge or transferred to the spouse or legally recognised civil partner30. This deferred or transferred resettlement may be undertaken up to 2 years post discharge. Further detail of this provision is at paragraphs 0609 to 0613."
    Don't know how relevant this is only had a quick scan through the manual doesn't quite cover your situation.
  3. I am stunned that any line manager can even think like that! I thought terminal leave was absolutely sacrosanct - and the CoC likes to remind people that annual leave should be equally sacrosanct... cough!

    Take diary, identify last day of service, plot rehab (which is a duty), plot terminal leave, plot outstanding annual leave; that gives you the last day of appearing anywhere near the office but ignores things like sorting documentation, resttlement courses, CTW, handing in kit, final medical (albeit delayed in her case). Tell Mrs VB to note the last day (of attendance) on her boss's calendar and tell him that is the end of her service! If he disagrees, then he can argue the case up the CoC!

    That's an awful way of working, although it doesn't really surprise me with the degree of over-stretch in some areas. No wonder people are running for the exits! It reminds me that I haven't sat down and calculated my last-day-in-the-office, either..... a task for this afternoon, perhaps?

  4. Yep, go to MCM Div and get the discharge date put back to facilitate TL and RL.
  5. Thanks to all - any references I can quote?
  6. Nope, all at the discretion of MCM Div.
  7. Phone the IERO at your local Education Centre (or the one who has been handling Mrs VB's resettlement). They know absolutely everything about terminal leave regs etc.