Terminal Illness, what foods/drinks for high calorific content to give?

Deepest sympathy foryour situation. The slow passing of a parent is so much harder than a sudden death, but it can also be a time when one can express gratitude for their part in your life.

Since death in this case is certainty, a priority could well be to ease any pain and suffering during this departure, to make them as comfortable as possible, rather that to nourish and prolong life.

Since she has been rejecting foods by vomiting, the effort should be to find what, if anything, gives her comfort/pleasure and will not induce throwing up. Rich or fatty 'nourishing' foods may well impose on a digestive system that is failing, possibly prompting the bodies rejection.

Had a situation with our youngest who at a few months got some bug that resulted in non stop vomiting and the runs. He was getting weaker and weaker until a doc advised us to boil rice for a long time, discard the rice and use the liquid it had been boiled in. This surprisingly worked, he stopped vomiting and the runny tummy improved.

After a couple of days was able to resume eating baby food and his meds. Though bland and with seemingly not much nourishment it stayed down and importantly got fluids into him to check the dehydration he was being subjected to by his two main symptoms.

May you be as strong for her at this time as she was for you when you were in her care as a baby.
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This. Not a bad idea at all if she prefers something savoury. Boil the rice to shit and make congee. Bit of chicken breast boiled up with it and then shredded, perhaps some chopped spring onion. Made a pretty good brekker in Singas with a drop of nam pla, light soy, miso or some black bean and garlic paste. If in a rush, just water it down a bit and drink from a disposable cup like the coffee mongs carried about.


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A few things to consider.

Ensure that she is getting the correct consistency of diet suitable to her swallowing capacity. This should be assessed by a speech and language therapist.

Speak to the local dietician, they would be able to access medical notes and ensure that an appropriate meal plan is in place.

Consider a referral to the community dental services for an assessment of her mouth. This can be done on a domiciliary basis rather than having to take her to the clinic.

Avocado, mashed with coaco powder and honey makes a good boosting treat. Can add peanut butter as well.

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