Terminal Grant

I can't find my original thread so I'll just post my result here.

I originaly asked if those leaving after service can have their Terminal Grant and/or, Immediate pension, paid into an overseas bank account.

After much help from forum members it was highlighted that you can: 'Have it paid into any bank account of your choosing'.

However, after several letters and many phone calls, it turns out that account must be the one that is listed on JPA as being your primary bank account that your wages go into.

Some might say that you can just change it on JPA, and yes you can. But for a one-off payment on a sum of money that you will receive 'after' you have left the service, that is hardly an option.

So, for anyone else that might want to try do the same thing, it's not really an option for a one-off payment..!

But many thanks to all those that offered help and expert advice when I originaly posted.

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