Tenuous Claims to Fame.

Also met Francesca Gonshaw, from Allo Allo at the Horse of the Year Show. Very very tidy then

Another minor claim to fame of mine is I went to the same school as Les Mckeown of The Bay City Rollers fame, he was a year ahead of me in school. He was actually not a bad guy.
it was NOT a donkey jacket. it was what we termed in the day as a car coat, agree it was a bit out of place though.
But probably cost taxpayers far less in expenses than the various bespoke overcoats favoured by his contemporaries.
I saw him in Marks & Sparks in Manchester. He was trolling around with a slim oriental kid/youth.
Not his ‘special’ friend. Oh no.
A mate I was with asked for his autograph.
“No thank you” he replied.
I would have asked him if he wanted my autograph , when he declined I`d have knocked into a freezer and walked .......well perhaps not but I`d have liked to.
Anyone here got a street named after them?


Just me then.


I've mentioned these before on previous threads but...
I used to play football with Keith Curles(Man City and England player) brother.
While playing footie, I played against several professional teams during pre season, and I admit got hammered every time.
I played against Holland U21 back a long time ago against the like of Ruud Hullit and David Edgars, the difference between a good(well I thought so) amateur and a gifted pro is massive.
Scored the winning goal in last minute against the German Army which was brill in Hannover 96 stadium. and scored two against Belize City on the shite pitch at Airport Camp.
Also played against the striker who was in the siggies(I think) and got signed by Sheffield Wednesday when they were in premier league.
Met Steve Davies in a Bristol pub. He was a good laugh and bought us all a beer.
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