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Discussion in 'Travel' started by snips450, Nov 8, 2008.

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  1. the bear lake , 780 will be better if you put it up on your own both have good weather ability but my advice is to bey RV then you have the best of both worlds weather and comfort
  2. Wish i had the money mate to buy a pimp'd out RV,it's a tent next year or no holiday!

    I'm looking at the Hartford as they're selling it for half of what is advertised for.
  3. its a good piece of kit but i watched a family strug like f with one last summer,in the end i gave a hand. I held up great right through that crap weather we had. but I prefure Aircon, central heating and a hot shower that I dont walk miles for .I camp 48 weekends a year, the other weekends are for rugby. And I use a lot of rugby club carparks as overnight stops
  4. I still have my old Force 10 from Vango, I swear by it even though it is in Adventure trg orange!!!!!
  5. Snips,

    I brought the Bear Lake for the ACC's family holiday this year and it was well worth the outlay. Hot weather, the tent is coolish (ish), and in the rain completely waterproof.

    The only problem we found was we went to buy the carpet and Outwell manufactured them wrong (so we were told by our camping shop).

    If you are at a BFPO address i know a good shop who deliver tax free, or failing that, they give 10- 15% off.

    Hope that helps.

  6. I contemplated buying your first choice earlier on this year. I decided against it because

    1. It was bigger than we actually needed.

    2. There was only me and my technicaly retarded wife to erect it.

    3. It didn't have a sown in groundsheet, which could enable the dog to squeeze out of the tent any time she liked and eat a lamb somosa from the neighbours BBQ.

    If you don't have a dog, I would say point No 2 is the one to consider.

  7. Did you know the designer (who later invented the buffalo jacket) chose orange rather than green because it cast a light inside "slightly more romantic" for the seduction of the opposite sex?

    You don't get that kind of depth of thought from Millets' designers, now do you?

    I stick to a Vaude MkII. It has taken the worst the Ogwen valley could throw at it in winter before now, but you wouldn't want the whole family in it.
  8. I remember having them when I was a Scout! They were green though :D
  9. Have a look at this site plenty of info from campers also there is a tent review link at the top

  10. oops. Here is the link http://www.ukcampsite.co.uk/
  11. I went back up there this morning to have another look at them both.

    The Bear Lake is blooming huge...but might be easier to erect than the Hartford L,as it would be me and OC Hse trying to put it up,But I like the design of the Hartford with the Pods on each end.

    Only prob with the Hartford L is I've found and small repair on the porch.

    They've now given me a price of £120 for the Hartford L and £260 for the Bear Lake.

    Do I buy the cheap one and get more kit in the sale or buy the all singing and dancing one and have to wait till next year to buy the rest of the kit/equipment?
    You just know that if I get this wrong I won't hear the last of it!!! :D

  12. I use the skins of my dead enemies for shelter.
  13. May not be the size you are looking at but I bought a Vango Storm 400 about eight years ago and have used it a couple of times a year since. Took it out this summer and the sewn in ground sheet has become completely porous! Put anything down on it or kneel on it and the waters just wells through it. Great design of tent with lots of good features but completely useless.
  14. Blacks own-brand tents seem to be of reasonable quality; true, they don't have an indefinite life-span, but they'll last a few years. Quasars are very good; not cheap, but properly cared for will last for ever. Don't make the mistake of buying something the shape of a garden shed; that type of tent tends to be hard to put up alone (there's a reason large tent erection is a favorite command task...) and will be easily damaged by strong winds.

    If the groundsheet is fcuked then just put a poncho down first. I do that anyway; saves cleaning sheep sh1t off my tent.

    Has anyone asked why you haven't tried to persuade the other half that bashas truly are the way forward? Bring a few more ponchos and you can even have walls :lol: