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I'll give this a punt in here, never know there might be some tent fetishists hanging around arrse

I'm looking at getting a tent. Not a plastic fantastic from Halfords. Something a bit more comfy

I'm looking for something that I can have a wood burner in and a bit of space

toying with the idea of a soul pad package but all in I'm looking at 1400 quid

Welcome - SoulPad

Thought about a pussers 12x12 or a catering tent but thought that would be a bit sad. Having said that I lived in a pusser 12x12 for six months and it was ace winter and summer

Thoughts please, wang up some links or phots

If I could I'd go to the USofA and spend days in a cabelas bankrupting myself

High Quality Outfitter Tents : Cabela's

Also contemplating a trailer, nato hitch or ball hitch if anyone has got a spare in the MT stores they think needs a new home


A 12x12 would actually be very hard to beat, if you were looking for that size of heavyweight tent. I certainly wouldn't feel sad using one. Maybe there are some available in sand colour, which would look a bit more civvie?
I don't think it's what your looking for really but check out Gala Tent Gazebo's. The lower spec one's are not an arm and a leg but they are still well made and easy to erect. A nice selection of accessories to make them weather resistant to high winds etc. They might suit you?

Buy Garden Marquees | Party Tents | Pop Up Marquee Manufacturer

Loads of room and a choice of colours including a leaf tree camouflage one if that floats your boat. You will need to use a vehicle to transport one though. They aren't something to carry around on your back like an ordinary tent.

We have a 6 metre by 3 metre which we are planning to use at shows. We are even thinking of buying a second one the same size. Gala tent do a weatherproof accessory that links them together creating an even larger workspace.


Have a look online at Tamarack Outdoors.

Wide range of 'Lavvu' - tepee style tents on offer.
I've got a 5 man Outwell Montana for sale, but I wouldn't be putting a log burner in it so probably not something you would want to consider.


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have you looked at the reviews on ukcampsite.co.uk? The soulpads do sound good

or I've a vango halo 300 I want to sell...........only used once

ps - there is a camping group on here
This website may be of help - Home - The Joy of Canvas

There some of the Dutch tents on there but they seem terribly expensive. I've built "self-build" Motorhomes for less


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Fair play to the OP, tabbing with a 12x12, but the log burner too #nails


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Thats a lie to start with, they are based in Croydon.

Eh? What do you mean: the yurts aren't Mongolian, or there ain't no hippies in Croydon?


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They are not "direct" if they stop off in Croydon on route. The directors of the company should all commit suicide for lying to the public.

Those bastards.

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