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  1. Hi, Does any one have any links to instruction manuals on how to put up medic tentage e.g no of poles as well as diagrams on how they need to be put up. This applies to 12 x 12 or 18 x 24 tents. Thanks.
  2. there are no instructions, its beaten into you during your CMT 3.
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  3. A bit like making coffee is beaten into ODA3s
  4. Any one who has spent any time at a Brigade Signal Squadron, or Div Signal Regiment, will have those specs ingrained into their brains. You just need to borrow a scaley
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  5. Definately 10 star pieces, and 10 small poles, (5 small poles in each bag), 10 T pieces, 15 angles, 50 long poles, (25 each bag). 22 long pegs. 2 long ties, 3 short ties. I'm probably wrong, but it was 20 odd years ago I put one up. Kin hated the things. Bad dreams tonite me thinks.

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  6. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    And never let an officer try to help.
  7. Some RAF TCW bastard wrote "30 PIGS" on my tent with an aerosol.
  8. Do you get invited to many parties?
  9. Only if someone needs him to bring a tent.
  10. AESPs?

  11. Only if he has a fit sister/mother and he brings her and promises to sit in the corner all night without saying a word or touching anything...
  12. top tip - folding it corectly when putting it away is key, so when putting it over the semi-erected (oh err) frame you can lift partly unfolded tent on to apex (so it covers the length of the top bar) then unfold/roll out the sides.

  13. 12 x 12
    Set Includes: 22 x Poles, 9 x Angles, 6 x Tees

    Photos here