Tent Heater

Looking for NSN(s) for current, in-service heaters used in tents, with tentage, if anyone can help.

Thanks in advance for any info
Any QM types out there able to help with this one; someone sat in a stores depot somewhere with accees to an NSN database of some sort maybe?
CharlieBubbles said:
Don't they teach the "Buddy - Buddy System"?
Nah, but they do teach how to load a kero heater onto an office wagon while still fully fueled, resulting in the poor [BEEP] who unloads the fcuker gets himself and the kit he happens to be wearing psis wet through with kerosene...

my smock still stinks of kero to this very day...
As I recall they had PPE when you were working on Bulk Fuelling (UBRE)
Or was that just for the South Atlantic?

But why would you want Space Heaters, I thought the Army was SO busy and they were ALL out doing something! .. .. :wink:
Thanks for the info chaps but I am now with a defence contractor who is trying to provide you with something of benefit to you on the CBRN side. Therefore no access to ETs etc but 24 years mil service, a member on here since before the last site move and the common dog to tap into your knowledge.

I could always just recommend something with no support infrastructure and not give a toss I suppose!!

All help appreciated and if there are any other alternatives you might think of, please add them to the thread.

Cheers Blueoffroader400 for the NSN.
DAS3 / 4520-99-9020668


BASIC PRICE = 149.00

Although this was on our ET, we had to get it though our ASU.

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