tent cots

I can see people getting out of that really quickly in an emergecy.
"Supports 300lb" I guess most septics need to take their boots off before entering then! :lol:


Kit Reviewer
I'll definitely be getting one of those, there's a small part of one sidepouch that it would slot into quite nicely.

Damn ! I must stop snorting the Ajax !
tomahawk6 said:
The special forces and Marines like it. The USAF has provided it to their forward deployed folks as well.
For USAF "forward deployed" read RAF "forward deployed"; e.g. 5* hotel, hundreds of miles away from anything nasty.

Best thing I have found is a hooped bivvy bag with zipped- in mossie net. slightly lower profile than this.
perfect: a prezipped body bag when the fcuker collapsed and lops your head and shins off!

whats wrong with a lielo in a hammock anymore? you feel like ali baba and his flying carpet! ninja!
say what?
Guess you could get away with it if you a driver or training team or someone with a job in the rear but in a proper platoon harbour 18lbs
even I wouldnt try and my self respect vanished years ago :D

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