Tent Caps

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by blonde_guy, Nov 10, 2010.

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  1. Apart from the Queens Royal Hussars, do any regiments/corps regularly wear these items, or indeed actually own them?

    The only time I have ever seen one worn was a rather fetching purple & black one being sported by a Chaplain.

    If anyone has any pictures, stick them up.
  2. like these?

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  3. Didn't realise the rifles had them.....did LI & RGJ then?

  4. dont think LI did, but according to an old 'regiment' mag ive seen the Green Jackets did
  5. I can only go back a few years, but in my youth, the expression 'tent' referred to the rather dapper gold-embroidered green job worn by the officers of the Queen's Royal Irish Hussars. - but they were an amalgamation, so it probably goes back to one of their predecassors. The pics above show what is, I believe, properly called a 'field service' cap (most emphatically not a forage cap), which has been worn by absolutely everybody at some time or other. A khaki version was the standard issue headdress in the early part of WW2 and even crabs wore and still wear them. Though they referred to them as 'chip bags' in their uncouth way.

    The LI certainly had the FS cap - it looked very like the ones shown above for The Rifles.
  6. Trifles Direct call them 'side hats'. I think they look quite smart, and theres no way with the ending up looking crap like most officer's berets ;-P
    Rifles Side Hat
  7. Chip bag hats, I think most corps wear them at SNCO & above.
  8. 'Chip bag hat'? I'd have thought it was given a far more uncouth nickname than that, as soon as the first one was issued!
  9. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    The question should be who didn't have them, in the RAC the only regiment that did not was the RTR,
  10. .... and the name you allude to was certainly in existence in the early 1960's .
  11. I daresay! :nod:
  12. Do only the Rifles & QRH use them today though? Or is it one of those bizarre dress orders that the Orderley Officer has to wear it on a full moon in months ending in "R"
  13. My OC at 5 Royal Anglian used to wear one, and one has been authorised for Mercian Officers, so I assumed lots of regiments and Corps had them.
  14. These are Tent Hats-
    pointy fore and aft, no ear flaps, no buttons on the front, no vestigial peak, they utterly different in shape and construction from the side hat/field service cap/c##t-cap/Dad's Army cap, which was designed (between WW1 and WW2?) so you could stick it in yr pocket between sessions under a steel helmet, and pull down the earflaps (a la Pte Pike) when it was a bit chilly.

    The tent hat (proper title unknown to me) were inherited by QRH from the QRIH (bless 'em, they were a good mob), I have no idea of its origins, nor ever saw them worn by any other cap-badge.