Tennis elbow - surgery success rate?

Hi all,

had tennis elbow for almost a year now. had extensive physiotherapy over several months, culminating in two cortozone injections in Jan / Feb. no success, pain as bad as ever with no signs of improvement.

the advice at the time from OC physio dept (US Army surgeon) was that cortozone should not be given more than twice in the same spot, as it could weaken the tendon. he said that if the jabs didn't work, my options were a) leave it and hope it clears up itself, probably at least 18 months with as much rest as possible. b) surgery, which he said involves "abrading" the tendon(?).

so, I am now at the decision point. do I opt for surgery? if so, can I expect it to cure the problem? is it e.g. a simple procedure with 95% success rate, or is it hit and miss?

hoping there is a surgeon on here with extensive experience in this particular procedure, but any input / experience gratefully received so i can make an informed decision...

p.s. added complication is that the surgery won't necessarily be done in the UK...
Have a similar problem myself but they can't tell me if it is the tendon or not. Apparently, they find it difficult to give a 100% accurate diagnosis and in my case it could be a problem with the top of the bone amongst others. I get the feeling that the diagnosis changes with every consultation and hence I'll avoid any sort of surgery. The only solution seems to be rest, physio and alternative medicine, but having put up with it since February it's getting a tad annoying now. Another few months and I might opt for self-amputation!
I had the operation about 6 months ago. The surgeon would not commit himself to saying if it would be a complete success. I am informed that its about a 50% rate. Six months on, I am, at a guess, about 80% repaired. Externally, there should be very little scarring, but from what Ihave felt in the recuperative phase, the internal work is extensive and moderately traumatic. Would I recommend it? Well, given that before the op I had what I can liken to 24/7 pain and now I don't, then yes is the answer.
Tennis elbow can be cured by very intensive pressure on the site by a properly trained Sports Massage Therapist. Check out the London School of Sports Massage website for therapists in your area. Only takes one treatment usually. Hurts a bit mind.
Had tennis elbow in both arms
Both took 3 cortisone (spl) injections but after the third both massively improved.
One about 3 years ago and the other about 6 months before. Neither has given any trouble since
Fortunately never had to have the surgery so cant help there, good luck with it though.
rapier - unfortunately i'm on the other side of the planet, unlikely to be that kind of thing where i am. but thanks for the suggestion.

i had 4 months of regular physio with the american physio dept in bondsteel - they tried ice, massage, exercise, stretching, anti-inflammatories, steroid stuff(?) drawn into skin with electric current, steroid cream and finally cortosone. nothing worked, so i'm guessing it's quite severe as cases go. :(
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