Tennents lager

Discussion in 'RAC' started by busted_CAT_79, Feb 11, 2008.

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  1. Anybody remember the tennents lager cans with the scantily clad totty. My first experience was in Cyprus early '75, they were doing the 'Bikini' series. 17 years old and nearly blind..... happy dayz!
    Just found this site for those that wanna reminisce...
  2. Happy memories of the great artwork on the cans, just a pity that they were filled with horsep1ss
  3. .... so thats what was sending me blind........ thank feck for that!!
  4. Weak and kak stuff but the spams loved it on an exchange I did with them for 2 reasons

    Big cans
    Girly Pics
  5. Blimey, I can remember my Dad buying Tennants lager in the '60s. And I thought it was because he liked the beer. But I was only 11 at the time.
  6. I have tried to google it but can't find any images..
    Poor quality beer, but sat in a hide on Soltau....not too bad
  7. Must admit it was crap beer but if it was all the SQMS had on his truck then you bought it. I remember an exercise down the Mosel vally many years ago and all we had then was tennents beer with the near naked ladies on. We sat in an OP for three days watching for the yanks to advance and got drunker and drunker on the stuff, throwing our empty cans out the hatch. Ric** Kim*** my driver could never understand how when we went to clear the area up around our CVRT every morning why there where no cans in sight. We found out on the last day that the local German school kids used to sneak up on us every night and take the cans because of the naughty ladies pictured on them. The buggers could have at least cleand the rest of the shite up, LOL.

  8. Yep many cans drunk and the more you drank the better the totty looked, it seemed to be SMS favourite to stock up with as well.
  9. Yo Bob, remember the visit to the Keo/Charlie brewery?
  10. Pinned them up on a wall in the range hut live firing in Kenya. Happy Daze
  11. You've gotta be shitting me! :lol:
  12. When I left the Army one of my first jobs was digging up the gun proof range at Inchterterf near Glasgow. The Sgts Mess used to bury their cans in the Cowp. When we dug the place up the girlies were still intact BUT - some tins were sold they didn't have ring pulls - they had the holes at either side of the top where they used the tine opener.

    Some of them were from the '50s so before anybody get excited - they'll be around 80 odd now :twisted:
  13. ... more GILF than MILF!
  14. Was the idea to stop drinking when the bird on the tin started to look good?
  15. Don't know what you mean :D :D :D :D :D :D