Tennents Lager Cans With Piccys On

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by still21inmymind, Sep 1, 2007.

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  1. Anybody remember these?, usually on LSLs or exercise NAAFI bars.
    LSLs were best, buy a case to watch the porn shown by the Chinese crewmen in the dining room.

  2. Remember them?....my teenage years they were my only friends. :wink:
  3. They had to put dolly birds on the tins to distract you from the taste of the panther pi$$ inside.
  4. Remember it well from the '60's. They exported that crap to NAAFI's all over the world.
  5. :D

    Mind you, you could cut the top off the can, fill it with worms and stick yer willy in.....
  6. It was beer, wern't?

    Beer, looking at women.

    Okay by me.
  7. I seem to remember there was some blue cans with piccy's on as well,or had I drunk too many of these ones most of the 70's was a blur anyway!

  8. I'll drink to that heid!!!!! Saved my sanity those cans in various foreign parts. :D

    It really was panther piss though ... but watered down!!! :pukel:
  9. Didn't stop us drinking it by the dozen though?, had a collection of about 30 can spanners by the time we got to Greece. Cries of "bring on the donkey" during the film.
    Happy Days
  10. It still tasted better than bl00dy ASBACH,that was pish,bl00dy strong pish though
  11. But OK mit coke

  12. Aye,many a kit check after that combo
  13. Bloody lightweight you are!!! Nowt wrong with Asbach ... and so useful if the chopper needed refuelling!!!! :D

    Talking of chopper fuel ... who else has had the joy of One Barrel in Belize ... a night out on that and several bottles of Belikin Beer !!! Just the thought brings back the ache in the sphincter after the ninthe run for the crapper before 10 am!!!!! :oops:

  14. Asbach urault,I couldn't handle that stuff never made it to Belize but did try some ouzo :roll:
  15. engr172

    engr172 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Got a bottle of One Barrel in the house....its very dusty, and i am very scared of it, but Asbach, hmmmm