tennant done a bunk

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by brettarider, Apr 23, 2012.

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  1. I've been renting a room out and looks like the twat has done a bunk owing a fair bit of rent. Have tried to get in touch with him last week via facebook but checked again and looks like he's hid his profile. I've got basic detials of him DoB/Email/Uni course he was on and his home town. Have emailed him to get in touch by next week to return keys and tidy his shit up/return keys and if I dont here from him will take him to small claims court to recover costs.

    What options are open to me grotty sudent was ex squaddie as well so he knowsnot to be a jack ****.
  2. An contract signed?
  3. He doesn't have to have signed a contract - if the tenent lived in the house and paid rent, then a contract existed between the tenent and the landlord regardless of what is written down on paper.
  4. If you PM me some details and your email or mobile number I'll assist.
  5. Had he paid you a deposit? What form of tenancy is it?
  6. Take it up with the uni? They might have ways of getting him to stump up - I mean, it would be bad for business for them if they didn't support student accomodation landlords, since they never have anywhere near enough halls space for all their students - they struggle to fit all the first years. Plus, they should have more contact details, and are hardly going to like having their rep taken into disrepute. If he has done a bunk, do you not have a guarentor(sp?) at least?
  7. The University will not assist or provide information.
  8. Did someone not have to guarentee the rent for him?
  9. That should all be in the agreement/contract signed at the outset.
  10. Well hopefully yes, so if hasn't paid, charge the guarentor the excess rent and leave them to sort out the who-owes-what-mess. If there is a guarentor, maybe you could contact them over the situation - they're likely to be a parent or relation, usually.
  11. I am guessing from your previous email you know a fair bit about this stuff as you have offered to help the OP. However some Universities will help you to the extent that they will treat the defaulter the same as a student defaulting on teh University up to the point of withholding their degree.

    Manchester University does this if your student let property is registered with and let through them. It reduces the risk o their students of dodgy landlords, especially the foreign students.
  12. No contract signed payment was a bit erractic claimed it was down to sorting out student loan etc. Up her in Scotland no written contract is required a verbal agreement is all that is needed. No guarentor as never had a problem before other tennants stumped up on time he's just been cheeky and pissed up agaisnt a wall.
  13. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    If you have surname, DOB and a postcode you have the ability to **** up his act big style.

    If he has your surname and postcode he has the ability to **** up your act big style, given that he is more mobile than you.

    You made a mistake. You were slack in collecting what was owed to you. I'd walk away and put it down to experience.
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  14. weigh up how much he owes, ask yourself is iyt worth the bother.

    Bottom line is never let a tennant owe more than their deposit.

    And get some paperwork/admin done
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  15. My mate had this happen to him. She was an airline stewardess. It cost him £40 to find out where she was. Some bloke phoned her up claiming to be a firm specialising in forwarding mail to people who had moved on. It turned out that she'd gone home to mummy in Exeter and was commuting to Heathrow for her shifts.

    My mate wrote to her threatening court action pointing out that there would be a black mark against mummies address if that happened.

    He did have a signed tenancy contract with her although I don't think there was a guarantor clause. He wasn't even sure that he could actually prove in court that she did owe him and she even tried to say that she would shop him to the Council for only paying single occupancy Council tax until he pointed out that he had actually been paying the full rate.

    Fortunately for him, she paid up eventually allbeit in installments.