Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by brucewillis, Nov 3, 2007.

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  1. Been watching it on UK History, been glued to it. But I never watched it when it when on the Beeb first time round.

    Have I,

    A, Matured

    B, There's nothing else on at tea time.

    C, Sky is shite, and I should throw the box out the window despite what the kids say.

    D, Yes I have been drinking, ( and continue to do so)
  2. Its got to be.
  3. RBB

    You speak the truth but will the little buggers hate me for it. I still think telly was better when there was only three channels to chose from.
  4. E. You're gay!

    (actually it was fab first time around :D )
  5. I agree, I could always find something to watch on 3 channels, now I have loads of channels with nowt but shite on.

    And I get to pay about £30 a month for the privilage.

    The only thing worth watching now was what I used watched for free on 3 channels years ago.
  6. Tenko is great, women being abused by Angry Japs with chips on thier shoulders.....

    Its like porn, the best one was when they beheaded one of the slags...

    Outrage??? You've seen nothing like it
  7. I pay £45.00 Mrs Jefferson. And Jam not gay busty. Just confused (about telly) remember when Audrey off Corrie was hot on Renta Ghost?
  8. Yep you're gay!
  9. I remember those days, she did not age well though.
  10. I think my wife is telling me fibs about how much my Sky costs because I have the full package and am told it only costs about £30.

    I take it that must be give or take £15.
  11. Is that's all you can bring to an adult conversation about telly. And she was hot on renta ghost, she kept sneezing and flying off some where. Wow!
  12. Are you really Bruce Willis?
  13. Mrs Willis is watching Band of Brothers on telly again, even though we have it on box set. My house is like an air raid shelter. Last week I watched Cross of Iron.
  14. Yes I am, are you really in the Fallschirmjager?
  15. Mrs Brick_Building is watching The X Factor. I would not care if it was the actual programme, or the results show, no no no, she's watching some crap on ITV 2 now where they talk to the losers etc.

    Who cares about them, its crap.