I am due to attend the AOSB briefing shortly and am currently suffering
from Tendonitis in my lower right leg. I am reassured that this problem will
go away if i rest my leg for 2 - 3 weeks. Due to my forthcoming trip to Westbury i am eager to get my leg as well as possible. Does anybody have any experience of Tendonitis and any 'alternative' ways of treating it.



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I've currently got acute tendonitis in both ankles which, as you can imagine, is a complete bundle of laughs as I walk slowly about like a constipated penguin.

Initially, the doctor just told me to take Ibuprofen and keep the ankles tightly strapped. Keeping the affected area raised off the ground was also recommended.

None of this has particularly helped though so I went back again last week and was prescribed Diclofenac Sodium (Voltarol) which is fantastic stuff; pain and swelling almost completely gone after 2-3 days.

Might be worth asking your doctor for same.


The most common cause of tendonitis is overuse. It could either be the tendon itself or the sheath which surrounds it could become inflamed (paratendonitis)

Best thing is ice it a couple of times a day in the 3/4 days then maybe try contrast bathing (google it). Wear something in the heel of shoe like a wedge to lift the leg so you are not putting any strain on the tendon\muscle. Plenty of rest I'm afraid is the main thing, I even kept walking to a minimum.

I had paratendonitis about 3 months ago and tried to come back after 12 days only for it to still be there (even though it initially felt OK). Best to leave it for AT LEAST 3 WEEKS maybe even 4 just to be safe!


Follow the treatment advice above and try alternative exercises, like swimming, so you don't lose too much cardio fitness.

I had tendonitis during my first term at Sandhurst and it wasn't a bundle of laughs.


Just curious, but did you fill in on your medical form, the one you sent off separately to your CV, that you had tendinitis, or has this problem come about after you sent the forms off?


Thanks for all the advice, and i did not include this problem on my medical form as i only started suffering from tendonitis around 2 months before my briefing. However by following the advice above, my condition is improving rapidly.


Does anyone know the armys policy with regards to tendonitis-is it a bar to Sandhurst entry if you no longer have it, ie it was acute?

I would say stretch everyday, and see a sports masseur, who can perform friction, or maybe even a physio who can perform ultrasound if this doesnt work-but ultrasound isnt scientifically proven.

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