Tenancy Issues - Squat or Not?


Family been renting my property. AST in Wife's name. Wife moved out at no notice, told me to keep deposit in lieu of this months rent, husband still in property. Husband seems to come and go, wife is OIC all admin, rent etc...


Given that husband is not named on AST is he 'squatting' as he doesn't have my permission to be in the house?

Have searched google and got mixed responses, one response says that as they are married he has a right on the tenancy - bottom line, rent is in arrears and bloke in my house that isn't named on tenancy agreement, will the police be interested? (England, not Scotland)
Go and see a proper brief, first 30 minutes free usually.

Or even try the JSHAO.

Even if you got a decent answer on here, filtering it out from the series of underpants that will reply is never going to help.
cheers Dingerr, if it helps generate debate they're Polish immigrants, on benefits too, probably!
update...when round there today, nobody in - let myself in and changed the locks...

...also called in to see the OB who were surprisingly helpful and up to speed on the new law...they basically said that any sign of forced entrance now will result in an arrest.

The female previous tenant called me to say she'd been round to get some things, but couldn't get in...i said that as she'd given me notice and moved out she was no longer the tenant and shouldn't try to get in; i said she could meet me at the property during the week if she wanted to get her stuff...she seemed happy enough!
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Read up on squatters rights and all that pish though. You might need to learn the polish for baseball bat.

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Had a similar drama in August.

Husband , wife and 3 kids renting my property since last Sept via a letting agency (so I had paid for rent Insurance, etc)

Husband jumps ship end of July leaving wife with no dosh for rent, food.

She contacted the social who move her into temp accom. House is therfore empty from early August.

I go round and change locks and bin the odd items of clothing, etc that were left.

2 weeks later, totally out of the blue, I get a call from the Cops asking to meet them at the house.

Ask why?... thinking that it's been burgled or some other naus.

Seems that the husband had been to the county court and claimed that he had come home from work to find his wife and kids on the street due to me physically evicting them for non payment of rent!

The case had gone to the court ......and I had absolutely no knowledge of it!!

The appeal hearing was in a weeks time, until then I had to give him access.

Met the Cops on site......matey wisely stayed in their motor. Said to the Cops that you can come an inspect the gaff with me and you will see that it is clean, totally unfurnishd and undamaged.

Told them that I'm not giving the keys to matey as the act on deliberately dropping them onto the floor then kicking the cnut in the head as he reached to get them would be too tempting......they were pretty understanding about it to be honest once thy heard the full story - they had already got some of the gen from the letting agents.

Went to court a week later. First thing the judge said was that he knew that there were two sides to every story and that anyone can and will lie, but he would like to hear my version of events.

Judge heard my and the letting agents side of the story including that I had a rent guarentee policy, hence no need by me to evict him for non payment of rent - he told matey that basically it was my property and I was entitled to my rights as the owner and that the tenancy agreement needed to be met by the tenant and that as the 1 year tenancy was almost up anyway, he ,the tenant, would have to leave soon anyway.

He gave the tenant until the end of the month to get the feck outta dodge.

I had already had the place cleaned including the cooker, etc. There was not bit of furniture in the gaff, no beds, sofas, plates, utensils...nothing, so what matey hoped to gain who knows? a few free weeks of staying in an empty house?

My concern was him squatting or causing damage, mess, etc but tbh, I had already decided to fill the twat in.

I went round there pretty much every night but never found him there and the place never looked like he had been there either?

I was pi55ed off as I had acted in good faith, genuinly thinking that he'd gone, she'd been rehoused and had changed the locks only cos matey of his wife had never given their original sets back.

Google was my friend and there was a bit about changing the locks before the tenacy is up......basically,even if the tenants have left or done a moonlight flit, it CAN be seen as an illegal eviction.

Everyday a Schoolday

*Has the OP got anything in writing to say the tenants have given up the tenancy?

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