Ten years underground

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BIPOLAR77, Aug 9, 2012.

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  1. Muslim sect lived underground with children for decade — RT

    Over 70 members of a reclusive Muslim sect have spent a decade in an eight-level catacomb in Russia’s Tatarstan. Their 27 children, some of them born underground, lived with them without access to education, healthcare or even daylight.
    The founder of the sect, 83-year-old Faizrakhman Satarov, claims he is the last Muslim prophet.
    About a decade ago, the self-proclaimed prophet ordered his followers to live in catacombs they had dug under his estate in the suburbs of the city of Kazan, capital of the region, situated on the Volga River.
    There they lived, completely isolated from the outside world, in unsanitary cells without electric light, heat or ventilation. Investigators reportedly found extremist books in the compound.
    The authorities had to remove 19 under-aged children and temporarily place them in care as conditions in the bunker were unsuitable for habitation. The children, aged between one and 17, had never left Satarov’s “estate”. Some were born underground and have never even seen daylight.
    The children have been examined by a number of medics, who found the health condition of the “underworld” children satisfactory.
    “They were properly nourished, but very dirty,” pediatrician Tatyana Moroz told Vesti TV channel.
    The sectarians have expressed concern about their children being treated by medics, who "could do anything to them," member of the sect Fana Sayanova told local television.
    The Russian Children’s Ombudsman, Pavel Astakhov, said that their parents will have to undergo special treatment before they can be reunited with their children.
  2. "Special treatment"

    Old school soviet code for imprisoning them for good in a loony bin.
  3. Not these ones I surmise. It's the last place Putin would wish a dust-up, mineral wealth and all of that. I'm surprised that the Ruskies allowed it to hit the mainstream media.
  4. They have been in the press for ages prior to this as they believe the end of the world is coming, they aren't a mainstream Muslim minority they are a cult.

    They have taken the kids and banged the adults away in a loony bin, Putin has been using the mental asylums as his ghost prisons for years.
  5. Things people do to get a job as a Gollum.

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Ghost prisons or not, on the basis on the available evidence, installing the adults in a padded cell doesn't seem unreasonable.
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  7. Religious loonies of all types have been saying the end of the world is nigh since religion started, surely the must eventually be a point where they can look at he mountains of people that preceded them and think that just maybe the world will continue?
    Feel bad for the Kids as it wasnt them who got sucked into this cult and I'm sure after spending 17 years underground with a bunch of crackpots they will have a rather difficult time integrating.
  8. Still better than Luton.
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  9. fu2

    fu2 LE

    Let them stay there I say. The more of these nutters under the ground the better.
  10. That is not how you spell Warrington.
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  11. I suspect there will be an ongoing and endless source of such crackpots and gullible followers as well for that matter.

    They never learn from the previous lot, they play the same old tune and it works, the more crackpot the crackpot or his ideas the more attention they seem to grab. Look at old Ickey and his shape shifting reptiles from outer space running the world stuff. You would think he must lead a very lonely life spouting that kind of stuff but no, he sells plenty of tickets for his touring circus.

    I was watching something on the news and they were interviewing from the queue at one of his events, they absolutley bought into all this guff, and that the world will end in 2012. Come 2013 they will just shift the date as a simple calculating error had been made and the end of the world will really, really happen this time on whatever date he tells them.
  12. The Austrian Ambassador to Russia released a statement:

    "They only kept the kids underground for 10 years? ****ing amatuers!":twisted:
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  13. Should we not be encouraging more to follow their example.
  14. When the paediatrician states the children were "very dirty", is she meaning they had a lack of Bold and Lynx shower gel, or are they able to suck a man's kneecaps through his urethra?