Ten-year-old held by police after boy, 8, is shot

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Mar 7, 2009.

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  1. "An eight-year-old boy remains critically ill after a shooting at a travellers' site in South Tyneside.

    Police said the victim was in a "critical but stable" condition after undergoing surgery on Friday night.

    A 10-year-old boy was arrested on suspicion of wounding following the incident, thought to have happened at West Pastures in Boldon."


    And the Government wonders why nobody wants a "travellers" site nearby
  2. "Appealing for witnesses Supt Napier also sought to reassure the public.

    "I would like to reassure the public that we do not have someone wandering around with a gun shooting children," he said."

    Yes you do ! Muppet :x
  3. No shit Sherlock.
  4. NHI
    tsk tsk Ugly really needs to start offering discounts to travellers so the self culling programe can be more succesful :twisted:
  5. Over wails of the "oh the humanity, who will think of the children", what's the betting that this (no doubt illegal) firearm will cause a cry for yet more gun control and/or more weapons banned from sale.

    We'll be shooting clay pidgeons with cap guns next....
  6. There's an article in this week's Police Review concerning the 'myths' surrounding 'pik..'...sorry, 'Gentlemen of the Showman's Guild'. Look's like the feature's editor should have held off for a while.
  7. Sowmans Guild and 'p***y c**ts' are a different breed. Had dealings with both and the p***ys are just scum. Plod are too afaid to raid their sites de to pressure from the PC brigade, utter bollocks.
  8. Being reported now that the 8 year old is suffering from shotgun wounds.
  9. Hopefully this will escalate into a full on pikey vs pikey war, a good chance of some serious casualties.
  10. if only, we can always dream
  11. This is Labour's making. They rule us, they punish us, they are now standing to be counted.
  12. Can you get a shotgun cert for a mobile home?
  13. But at least the police have a description of the getaway vehicle.

    It's partial to carrots and answers to Dobbin.
  14. Can you get road tax and insurance?
  15. No sh*t Sherlock?