Ten Tors 2012

I've enjoyed a few good tabs over Dartmoor, going over the likes of Hangingstone Hill, Great Links Tor and Yes Tor. Very character building stuff.


Certainly is: particularly when you've got 35 miles of it and you're only 14. Weather apparently OK so far though which helps.
As the crow flies and assuming you don't get lost!

Good memories from when I did the silver route. Fair play to those having a go today.
I was up on Cosdon Hill yesterday just having a picnic and enjoying the sun. It's sunny but bloody boggy at the moment!
It sounds a LOT better than it was last weekend so we can be thankful for small mercies. I'm following one particular team with close interest and they have now camped at their sixth Tor. A long day awaits them tomorrow but hopefully they should get round if their feet are OK and they make an early enough start...
Marvellous experience, did it back in the 70's. We used to arrive all kitted up a week before everyone else and do familiarisation walks and map reading skills.

I remember the kit check/scrutineering process when kit was examined to make sure you had the basics to survive should the weather or ability go tits up. We were kitted up to the 9's and could have assaulted the north face of the Eiger, the group immediately after us were from a Yoof Klub in Lahndun somewhere. The Para Captain doing the checking was a tad worried because they were wearing jeans and anoraks with daps on their feet, carrying carrier bags with their rations in - crisps, peanuts and some tins of beans or spag with sausages in. Fairplay on them, they did it and got their medals.
I did the 55 mile (I think that it was called Arduous) in 74 and 75 when at school in Cornwall. First year made it round in a complete team, mainly guys from the year above, but second time nobody took training seriously and most dropped out, leaving the rest of us to finish with a mixed bunch of air cadets and youth club wideboys just like the ones that Effendi met. Happy days!
i actually did it this year as a 45 mile team have to say it was brilliant although the ground was like a bloody river! and the sun well it was hot to say the least but really good fun ended up getting major blisters but it was worth doing! the best part though was being the youngest of our team at 15 but i had passed Selection a day before so felt awesome !
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