Ten things I wont miss....

Discussion in 'REME' started by MedievalMan, Feb 14, 2006.

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  1. OK nearly 22 done, yes been there, seen it, done it. Loved it loads...on occasions but I will miss the following:

    1. Renta Crowd :?
    2. Talk the Talkers :roll:
    3. Black Ink :?
    4. Short Sleeve Order 8)
    5. Long Sleeve Order :eek:
    6. REME Para :D (you will be a civilian one day!)
    7. Green Army Socks :cry:
    8. Preparation for VIP Visits :evil:
    9. Craftsman Magazine Guest Writers :roll:
    10. Career Laughs :D :D :D :D

    NB: In no particular order.
  2. 11. Elevenerifes
  3. Being called a 'squaddie'.....I hate that phrase
  4. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    Career laughter

    HAAAAAAAAAAA nice on Colonel

    Makes me laugh every time.
  5. The editor of the News of the World come the revolution!
  6. And Piers Morgan!
  7. Adherance to the Manual of Military Law and someone dragging up Section 69 just because they need some bodies for upcoming duties.
  8. Visits by anyone above the rank of Lt Col and everybody trying to get thier tounge us his arse whilst telling him what he wants to hear and not the truth.
  9. 1.wearing a beret. it is the reserve of french people. when my beret needs renewing i plague people who are leaving the army if i can have theirs, i've had my current one since 97 and it's looking a little threadbare. it looked great on the lad who gave me it, but when i put it on my head it looks like a sawn off sausage bag. can't get my head around it (if you will).

    2.being late for a parade you don't know about, you have to make that instant choice...do i do a bunk or do i bite the bullet and give it the old "sorry i'm late sir", either way you have that feeling of impending doom one way or the other.

    3.having a bladder which lasts 1/4 of an hour into mess meetings.

    4.mess meetings.

    5.drill..i sound like joe pasquale on helium.

    6.collecting the dog handler in osnabruck.(i think it was called Rex and part timed as a four hole punch)

    7.putting people in the open order when they are already in the open order.


    9.anything to do with respirators/anthrax jabs.

    10.that video....."what the fcuking hell are you doing?"(soldier making dum dum bullets)
    "i'm just making sure i get the barstard!!"
  10. Creases ironed into CBT 95 uniform.
    (who the feck came up with the idea of wearing something so as to blend into ones surroundings,
    and then pressing in some mahoosif creases to make you stand out again????)

    To top it off we now emblazon ourselves with "recognition" patches,
    someone has the wrong idea me-thinks.
  11. aesp's/emers

    special tools ces checks
  12. Being late for a parade that you're not actually late for i.e. everyone else got the "Oh, you'd better be there 5 minutes before then" which through Chinese whispers equates to 40 minutes before the ACTUAL parade! :twisted:
  13. Being attached to a unit and wearing 2 regimental embelishements is acceptable (just)............

    however i won't miss being posted to a bunch of c*nts like the RTR who literally force you to rebadge! You wear their Beret, jumper, coveralls, PRI T-shirt, Flashes & anything else they decide........ and does our Corps stand up for its identity and tell them to stick their shite....NO :evil:

    Then again they were sacked from MBT to NBC recce so evryone gets theirs in the end :p
  14. I definitely will not miss PT. I will finally get the chance to do phys that benefits me and not the ego or the hoped for CR grade of the Rsole who is taking it that is stick thin and can run like greased weasel cwap.

    more to follow watch this space