Ten pregnant servicewomen evacuated from Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Nov 21, 2009.

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  1. MoD reveals 10 pregnant servicewomen evacuated from Afghanistan

    guardian.co.uk, Saturday 21 November 2009 22.22 GMT
    Article history
    Ten British servicewomen on operations in Afghanistan have been sent back to the UK in the past six months after falling pregnant, it was revealed today.

    The servicewomen were evacuated between April 31 and October 31 this year under military rules which ban pregnant women from being on battle duty, according to figures released to the Sunday Mirror by the Ministry of Defence (MoD).

    An MoD spokeswoman said: "All our forces are expected to behave within the Armed Forces' code of conduct. If women become or discover they are pregnant on operations, they are returned to the UK at the first opportunity for their own well being and to preserve operational effectiveness."
  2. Victims of IUD's
  3. Fuck me. I didn't realise women could become pregnant! Talk about a non story!
  4. Or the beef bayonet?
  5. Since when was getting pregnant against the Armed Forces code of conduct?

    If we ignored the AF code of conduct the way our government have ignored the Covenant, there wouldn't be much of an army left.
  6. Shock horror. Might be a story if it were about men getting themselves up the spout and their employer keeping them in harms way.
  7. its a condition not a fcuking ilness for steaks puds sake
  8. Come on lads - keep it in yer pants.

    It were never like that in my day.......

    ........ we had lectures on VD back then - put you off your supper it did!

  9. Eh?
  10. I thought that was quite funny, actually :D
  11. being in the club is not an ilness
  12. Sounds like a good way to get out of theatre.
  13. If anyone was at the COB in 06 this wouldnt have come as much as a suprise..We had RAF birds getting malletted with us most nights in our bars, I even had the pleasure of watching a little fat blonde jock bird called Patsy who was some form of administrator for Turners being f*cked six ways till Sunday by a couple of my CP oppos, Turners also had a horny pool of kit washers who werent adverse to to having sex with us mere civvy vontractors for 30 bucks a shot ! :D
  14. Out of interest does it break down what service & capbadge, am wondering how many female federales caught some population paste.
  15. And that's relevant how exactly?