Ten killed in US school shooting

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by UlsterFry, Mar 22, 2005.

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  1. A US schoolboy has shot dead nine people - seven of them in a rampage through a school that ended when he apparently killed himself.

    The juvenile gunman, thought to be a local teenager, also killed two of his grandparents, authorities said.

    At least 12 others were hurt in the violence at Red Lake High School, on an Indian reservation in the northern state of Minnesota, the FBI said.

    It was the deadliest US school shooting since the Columbine killings in 1999.

    BBC News

  2. Tragic. My feelings are with the victims' families.

    Funny how these things always happen in gun-free zones though :roll:
  3. Cue further gun control debate!!
  4. 8O I have a former colleaugue in the Utah who owns 93 fire arms. Among them are HK's, a Stirling SMG (that will confuse some of our members :D ) and a Soviet belt fed affair... plus the usual red neck array of SG's and so, so, so many different shorts. 8O

    It's his constitutional right....

    Enough said I think!
  5. Constitutional right to be a fcuking idiot.
  6. exactly... very very disturbing
  7. I have a friend in Switzerland who has 143 :D
  8. What is it about Americans that makes them think that the correct way to solve their problems is going mental with firearms?
  9. Dunno, referring to people who go on these 'sprees', their problems are other Americans. Or themselves. Or America itself.

    It really is scary.
  10. the trouble with the yanks is...they all want to be john wayne
  11. I know a bloke who can open the armoury.
  12. This was a murder-suicide - I would like to know what pushes someone so far over the edge that they want to take their own life & as many people with them as possible? I had serious problems at school & access to firearms, but it never ever crossed my mind to go postal against the w@nkers who made my life hell & then shoot myself.
  13. Very sad indeed.

    It seems that the grandfather of the shooter was a police officer and had his service weapons at home. If that is the case, gun control or no, the boy would have had access to the weapons.

    As for his motives, it seems the usual stuff is trotted out. Loner, always wore black, teased by bullies, etc, etc. We may never know what his motives truly were.

    It seems Red Lake is a rather close-knit community and this must be devastating for the families there. I'm just glad my kids don't have to attend a school with metal detectors at the doors.
  14. that probably why it happened, the wacko-jacko knew this so probably felt "brave" shooting everybody knowing they can't shoot back.

    in switzerland everyhouse has a gun but crime rates is very low.
  15. I bet the NRA stage a rally there in the next few weeks!