"Ten days to war" - TELIC 1 TV - looks interesting

FFS at least Kenneth Branagh could have used his real Northern Irish Accent, the one he uses in that clip sounds so false, like something you would hear in a bloody American film.
cringe indeed!

I couldn't watch that. I wonder if it includes the bit where Sarah has it off with half the regiment and that most of the guys couldn't hear a word he was saying?
Did anyone in the military give a toss about this supposedly war-defining speech?

I know there's many officers out there who rehearse this kind of spiel since their first command appointment at sandhurst, just waiting for the day to arrive, but this has been blown out of proportion by civvies. Why? I don't get it.

Do civvies think soldiers were really inspired by this? Do they think we'd have crossed the border raping and pillaging if some 'cigar chomping colonel' hadn't told us we were liberators not conquerors? Do they think we were uplifted by this, and not just concerned about what kind of crp plan would come down in orders?

Who the hell knows it as 'that speech'? Surely they missed out the middle word 'sh_t'? Fair play to the chap for sorting out a career off this, but it seems the biggest non-event of the five year campaign.
It was absolutely f*cking hilarious. It should be nominated as best sketch at the British Comedy awards.
Or get a BAFTA for the best short story (Purely Fiction) category.

Air Assault (or Air Assaulters as the RSM said) with Warriors and Tanks (Comedy Genius),

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