Ten Commandments

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by crabby, Jun 3, 2006.

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  1. Only broken 5 of those, not bad considering the first 3 don't count. Too well behaved for the adultery one, even the stealing one (not even a chocolate bar when 8 years old). Who's been the naughtiest?
  2. As the first 3 don't count, I've ended up with a score of 5 done and 2 left (murder and false witness and I'm working on shopping some fcuker then killing him as we speak...)
  3. I included the three that don't count in my 5, so still five left. False witness could prove tempting.
  4. All bar murder
  5. im on 8. im neither a murderer or an adulterer.
  6. I believe adultery in that context is considered shagging anyone you are not married to, and desiring to in your heart is as good as - like desiring to murder someone, but being stopped by someone\thing else can be thought of as bad as murder itself.

    So that's most people screwed then.
  7. Whoops. Then consider me down for 6 and possibly 7! Same person as well :twisted:
  8. oh shit thats me up to nine then.. ah well... atleast im not married and can therefore not possibly have managed adultery
  9. Whatshisname just mentioned that even desiring to do naughty things with someone outside of marriage, let alone doing it could be classed as adultery. Therefore any sex outside or marriage or any desire to could well be classed as adultery. 100% of arrsers will be answering a big yes to that one :D
  10. Dear Crabby,

    I'm curious as to why you prefix some of the commandments with "thou". The "TH" at the beginning actually represents the Germanic rune "Thorn", which is shaped like a "Y" but pronounced "TH" and was dropped by the Krauts around the 11th Century, but kept on by the Brits. This is where we get the olde worlde sounding but erroneous "Ye Olde Inn" and suchlike.
    You could just as well have used "modern" personal pronouns.

    Just a thought.

  11. I pretty much copied them off wikepedia, I don't know them off by heart, not being a religious type myself. I apologise for my mistake
  12. Thou shall not cover your neighbors horse? Are you sure?
  13. Me. as because of an agreement with DCI Gripper of the West Midlands Crime Squad, I admitted to ten but asked for another ninety-six to be taken into account.

    Helps with the clear up rate apparently.
  14. I think the Chancellor is breaking 8 & 10 - with his eye on Bliars job.
  15. Without sounding like some Bible buff, it was the J man who said about the desire, technically making an amendment to the 10 commandments. So it really just comes down to who you want to believe, Moses or Jesus. Personally I'm gonna back Moses, otherwise I'm going to hell.