There could be a whole raft of things wanted, one would be to not be left on the rank reached at your 22 year point, the problem with being promoted in extension is that this causes a blockage for those following, as has happened in a variety of trades and not just in the Army, the main reason for me that "22 and out" was preferred was my daughters' education, being as at the time both myself and Mrs Bulldog were serving, I did not relish the idea of moving my little girl around to often, it can be hard to get them into one school close enough to home once, add that the fun we had trying to get her a dentist and registered with a doctor. I was told that moving family on posting matters had been discused at a minsterial level to stop us being disadvantaged, this has not permeated through to dentist, education authorities and medical practices. had a great time when i was in but it was time to go, for me anyway.
Just put paperwork in for 'continuance'. Then sat in room in the mess (weekend dad) and thought, is it worth it? Have the satisfaction of 'if' I get it, I can refuse...... still got 14 months to go.
LSL means no promotion but Im in a job where:
1. I dont deploy
2. I start at 0830
3. I finish at 1630
4. I dont work weekends
5. I dont do duties
6. I go home for lunch
7. I see my son growing up
8. Theres no backstabbing to get promotion cos at the start you are told it wont happen.
9. I get all my leave in.
10. I get lots of time to play Golf.

Normal Regimental continuance......................not a firkin chance. My old mate started continuance as I started LSL. He has been on 3 deployments already and looks haggared. Would I wish to be out on exercise in the firkin cold and damp whilst I have a nice warm bed at night. No way Hose.
I dont mind and I dont care coz there is no way on this or any other planets that I am going beond my 22 years. Sorry i just think that 22 years in the ARMY is more than plenty, or am i the only one that think that way.
There is always the opportunity to try for commisioning if extension is what people want, for some it is an option and a good idea but for others it is not.
Yeh right - Leave as king of the Shitz and start again ast shitz amongst kings. Sorry not a hope and never was. To all those who did it. Well done.
I left at the end of 22 and in all honesty I haven't looked back. A few of my contemporaries went onto LSL but when their time is up, they will still have to find a job in a very competitive market (regardless of the new bollocks legislation about ageism). Most of them wish they had left earlier instead of committing to another 3 -5 years or whatever.
At 40, its the right time to start a second career and succeed again before finally hanging your coat up.
Don't look back but use all the experience you gained serving the crown.
Good luck, whatever decision you make.
only 9 years left and I am out of the green machine, No VEng or LsL Emigrating and getting the Wife to get a job.
If you are successful with LE commissioning there may not be a need to get a second career and at the age of 55 'some' are in a position to hang their coat up then.
I challenge any retiring LE commission to hang his coat up at that time of life.....unless you want to live on your pension and savings. It's just not enough and the older you get, its worth becomes less and less.
Couple of months into 1 year continuance because it is convenient. Quite bored now! I hope the grass is greener on the other side! If it is at least I wont have to dig a hole and sleep amongst it!

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