tempory posting to hohne

i have been told that i will get sent to germany to do pdt shortly for about seven months. i am married and i have also been told i have to leave my wife in the uk. can anyone please tell me what i am entitled to ie loa, lsa etc and will i get fuel tokens?? also does anyone know how long it takes to get to calais by car average and is that the best way.
Are you joining a unit to deploy with them on tour? Seven months? If its a posting you'll get LOA and LSA if your family are not permitted to join you (on your posting). To get fuel coupons you'll need to BFG your car - export it, change the headlights, take it for test, oh and pay germany motor Insurance which is exspensive. I wouldnt BFG my car for only 7 months. Buy a cheap banger here or fly back n forth.
Hohne to Calais takes forever. It's not the only way, you can go Hook of Holland and a couple of others.

Flights from Hanover, Hamburg, and a couple of minor airports are usually pretty cheap, but you need to get to them from Hohne and then home from Stansted or whatever crap UK airport they take you to.

If in Germany, detatched from normal unit, you'll get LOA, if on ex/ops you'll get LSSA I think.

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