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Temporary HIC Closures for Briefings

Temporary HIC Closures for Briefings

Air Commodore Alan Opie (Head of DIO Ops Accommodation), and Steve Rix (Transformation Manager), will be visiting DIO Ops Accn staff to give briefings about the Allocation Services Review.

As a result, each HIC will be closed for a period of approximately two hours, starting shortly before each briefing session. This will allow for all staff who may be affected by the proposals to be briefed effectively, and to give them a chance to ask questions.

The dates and times for each HIC are listed below. Again each HIC will close shortly before the briefing time for approximately two hours or until their normal closing time:

Thetford - Thursday 18 August (1400 hrs)
Warminster - Friday 19 August (1000 hrs)
Rosyth - Monday 22 August (1100 hrs)
High Wycombe - Tuesday 23 August (1330 hrs)
York - Wednesday 24 August (1100 hrs)
Telford - Thursday 25 August (1100 hrs)
Aldershot - Friday 26 August (1000 hrs)

DIO apologises for any inconvenience this may cause, but this is an important series of briefings and all staff must have an opportunity to attend

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