Temporary Control Room Operator

Discussion in 'Jobs Offered' started by pots359v, Feb 25, 2010.

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  1. I am looking for suitable candidates to fill temporary position as Control Room Operator.

    The candidates should PM me for details on how to apply.

    Though temporary at least one position will become permanent.

    Pay rate 11:53 per hour, 12 hour shifts 4 on 4 off (must be flexible)

    Previous control room experience required but not essential.
  2. Ballast Control Room Op, Production Control Room Op, CCTV Control Room Op?
  3. Sorry my bad.

    Control Room Op/CCTV, in a busy manned guarding control room. CCTV, escalation management etc. etc.
  4. Should also have said it is within the City of London
  5. I suppose you want the person to provide his own uniform, pens and work all those hours for single time. I would have thought he would have to be vetted/ trained by the SIA and in London of all places so those wages look quite pants.
  6. A guy comes on offering a job and you give him grief. And why shouldn't it be single time? It works out at 48 hours over 8 days.

    Pay is pretty good aswell, You could be clearing 2k a month
  7. Believe it or not uniform, pens, paper they will even provide PC's to use and a nice comfortable office.

    £11:53 is above average for the role, good career progression offered for the right candidates.
  8. Clearing 2k a month? Methinks you have been educated at the Broon school of sums 8O
  9. I work in the business, £11.53 isn't bad at all, I work in the same kind of environment, same wage, but have recently gone into the Risk Assesment side of things, IOSH course under my belt, now looking at NEBOSH, works out at around 29K a year, the 2K a month is after a couple of OT shifts, but easily obtainable.
  10. Ok you do the sums then

    I make it on a bad month 1800, good month 2200.
    Obviously all before tax NI etc and figures approx. as done in head but I stand by my original figures.
  11. £2403 and pennies gross, net works out at just over£1700, so with a couple of OT shifts, 2K is do-able.
  12. I didn't say after tax.

    Still pretty decent money for sitting in a warm office perving at shoppers
  13. Can guarantee, it won't be shoppers that you have on your screens, especially if he wants escalation management involved, more likely Corporate security and office IP cameras, mind plenty of n ice looking secretaries working in the City to lech over :D
  14. I did it for a while when I left, kept wolves from the door. Worked at the scottish office in Edinburgh, some very tasty secretaries. Or so I was told, I was too professional for that.

    If I remember right i was on £6.40 an hour