Temporary/ agency workers entitled to Holiday pay.. +TA?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by oldcolt, Aug 5, 2009.

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  1. OK, lets re-ignite this old chestnut: According to this BBC news report, casual staff such as agency or temporary workers are entitled to paid holidays on a pro rata basis. So, the question is NOT whether we should get this (debated many times on here) but whether we ARE entitled to it

    "Direct employees, temporary agency workers and some workers who are self-employed for tax purposes are all entitled to statutory paid annual leave. This must be paid at your normal daily rate of pay, excluding overtime."

    BBC News item

    Incoming! :roll:
  2. Temporary part or full time not Temporary casual.
  3. The money would come in handy right now! :)
  4. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Top response there by EX_STAB. TA is not part-time, contracted, work. It is casual. you don't have to turn up, and in return the Army don't have to provide any training. That's the long and the short of it.

    I dare say we'll revisit this in around eighteen months to two years. Meanwhile, I haven't seen TA pensions mentioned for a while....
  5. Just to play devils advocate and because its (another) slowish day:

    The TA does have to provide training before we are allowed to 'work', take part in physical exercise, shoot and/ or/ deploy.

    We have a contract that we sign up to with an engagement of 12 years
    (if I remember correctly) :)
  6. The TA are CASUAL employees to part time! The TA has had its man traing days (MTDS) cut to 5o days this year, so where are the "holiday" days going to come from?


  7. Is this just a stab bitchin about wanting more leave or a general employment crib Just check employment rights act
  8. I currently have a "zero hours" contract; the company are not committed to offering me any work and I am not obliged to accept an offer, but I still get pro-rata holiday pay. I don't know if this is an entitlement though or whether they are just being nice. They are a pretty good bunch to work for, but I suspect that they would not incur such an expense if they did not have to.
  10. The other 315 days ?

    That'd be a better contract than the filth in Parliament are on....... :D
  12. From my experience of "temp" contracts you can usually get holiday pay if you can f*ck yourself and get it videotaped by Boudica. I don't know if it's changed since my time but may I suggest that you dream on ;) Sir!

    Edit: for nice little quote from the linked article "Your employer can tell you when to take your leave and can rule out holidays at certain busy times of the year." That basically translates to "no you can't take leave, ever." :x
  13. If we get a pension we WILL lose the Bounty.
  14. TA do not have a contract of employment - WRONG - yes they do. When you sign up to join you sign a committment to do a fixed number of (obligatory) training days (19 or 27 depending on unit). That is the employment contract between you and the employer (MoD). It's called 'mutuality of understanding' - I.e. that the employer will provide (the work) and the employee will do (the work).

    Any duties completed which are not desgnated as 'committment duties' are then 'casual' in nature, as there is no 'mutality of understanding' by either party to do these duties and no contract is in place other than the contract for the 19 or 27 days obligatory training.

    By the way a member of the TA CAN be disciplined for not completing his/her 'committment duties' - never heard of it happening but it is there to be used. A member of the TA CANNOT be disciplined for failing to undertake any casual duties!