Anyone got any experience with Templar/Warrior Assault Systems kit, specifically the chest rig/plate carrier at the link above. It looks like it might be a useful bit of kit, i.e. stick Osprey plates in it and wear it over ECBA (less small plates of course!).

However, price and gut feeling makes me think that it is airsoft kit, although the Trojan Group website seems to be aimed at forces people. Another website selling the chest rig claims to be sold out due to the 16AA Bde deployment!

iv used it, its good kit mate, thats not a bad price either. take a look at paracleat kit, thats also squared away, bit more expensive though.
Cheers Airbornereme,

A couple of questions you might be able to answer. Was the chest rig bulky? I'm trying to avoid the usual 'Michelin Man' sketch with Osprey!

Also, did the stitching hold up well under the weight of ammo, etc?


Ref Chest rig and Osprey. Mate I found it hard work wearing a chest rig and osprey. I had to knock up a quick belt order and a few more pouches on the osprey.As for plate carrier,I know guys that have worn it and they said it was fine however a lot depends on your own units SOP. I know my mob would only allow Osprey for obvious reasons. Hope that helps.
I've had this model 2006-2007. its not big at all untill you start filling the front "pouches" up. still alot less weighty than osprey

There are a couple of unnessecary buckles on the front which initially annoyed me. It sits comfy. but if you start adding bolt on above the pouches they become redundant as you don't have the access to them.

I wouldn't decribe it as a load carrying bit of kit, if you were gonna carry a full scale you'd need more

Being a fecking scardy cat remf I just filled mine with, first care dressings, CAT, quickclot, comms, and my gloves

I'll try and find a phot of it loaded and being worn
You'll need to tape up all the wobbly bits of dangly strap as well
Cheers for the replies.

I'm thinking of the Templar Chest Rig for short-term mobile (veh/heli) ops where it'll be just mags and water

I'm definately taking good old PLCE belt kit, as I reckon it's hard to beat, plus as mentioned above, you can carry full scales in it.


I believe the Templar Kit is a re-brand of the Warrior Assault Systems kit under their name. Either Chest rig works well and will stand up to a tour I've seen both used. But I'd agree with the point made by The Gimp it will not replace a fullt set of belt kit. Good for mags, FFD's, med kit etc. A Camelbak will balance it up a bit for you as it gets a bit front heavy with Osprey.

Give Mark at UK Tactical a call and tell him what you need and he may well put a package of chest rig Molle base and pouches together for you. :D

UK Tactical contact info http://www.uktactical.com/acatalog/Contact.html

Hope that helps


Capt M

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