Tempest question?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by MiracleBill, Nov 28, 2011.

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  1. Can anyone forward a link to a table of separations between red black and pink UADs and soft infrastructure? I'm sure it's in 440 but I'm being a DII mong!
  2. Right after a bit of research, I need a copy of SDEP 29. Can find it referenced in 480 on the defence library and all over google but not the actual document. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  3. What about Purple?
  4. I don't let that near anything!
  5. Have you still got both the Lap tops in their original Aluminium case? IIRC one is labelled RED and the other is labelled PURPLE.
  6. Have you tried contacting the supplier Joyce-Loebl Ltd?
  7. I think we may be on crossed lines. I' m a copy of SDEP 29 which details infrastructure separation for classified equipment
  8. 1 meter in physical location seperation, I'd need to dig out some docs to check the actual infrastructure design. Pink and above have to be on completely separate networks IIRC to lower class

    If you pm me your email I should be able to scan a copy for you.


  10. Cheers JP but I can get the info if/as when I need it.
  11. could someone please help me with questions about Tempest Lynx Notebooks? the power supply with mine is a Black Box marked DC/DC converter (COTS) .............. are there any AC Mains power supply units available anywhere, would you know, please.
  12. I think that you may be barking up the wrong thread jn this instance.
  13. Definitely barking.
  14. NATO SDIP-29 is available on DII via the search function.

    A restricted document as thus shouldn't be freely available on the web. That's not to say it isn't though...

    6 years of my life I'll never get back.