Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by lawsom34, Jan 24, 2007.

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  1. does anyone know at what minus temp you shouldn't do pt ie was outside doing pt in t shirt as per orders at -5deg C this morning and not allowed to wear any other warm kit
    far from being a whinger just dont think this a very sensible way to keep troops fit and well motivated
  2. -5 where the feck are you?
  3. -30 and you can stop work.

    Well that was what my mate Ivan Denisovich said.

    If it was that cold you could stop all work, lucky I say.
  4. hmm germany not bothered about pt in that temp is normal but the dress ie t shirt is a bit of a concern
  5. Put on thermals under your PT kit and see what happens common sense should prevail

  6. If you were giving 110% on PT, you shouldn't have noticed the temp.

    Phone this number;


    It's the Padre.
  7. Are you cold - 10 times around my bronzed body - GO!
  8. That is disgusting.. do you want me to send you some thermals... next time... just stop what you are doing and refuse point blank to freeze.. this is the 21st century after all..
  9. stop posting you mong.
  10. Stop sabotaging my posts... anyone would think you are my ex you little stalker... if you are the ex ... then also file for the divorce so I can get my gritty mitties on your wedge!
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    Then stop fcuking cluttering up my boards with dross! If you want to exchange insults take it to the NAAFI.

    Please people stop replying to Bettymoo - not for any reasons of charity or goodwill - just that you're wasting your time because from this point on I am going to delete any and all posts by her/directed at her/talking about her from the boards that I moderate.

    Thank you

  12. Its down to the PTI's discretion. They should, however permit you to wear long sleeved tops, running trousers and gloves/hats
  13. In my place we're always made to wear tracksuit trousers and long sleeve tops underneath squadron t-shirts. But then as its cold the PTI's always make sure we're moving too fast to worry about the cold, more the dissapearing white top in the distance
  14. What was the pti wearing ?