Temperate Mess Dress made in Cyprus?


Has anyone had temperate (i.e. standard) Mess Dress made by any of the tailors in Episkopi?
I'm toying with getting some made as its half the price of that in the UK, but unsure of material quality - if the material is up to scratch and the trousers/jacket last at least the first half of a rugby match, then it looks like a winner.


I had the tailor near the front gate (next to the QM dept) make me a second pair of trousers which are as good as the ones I had made in the UK. The lad that worked under me had a full set made there when he got his third and you couldn't tell the difference between his and mine so would recommend using them.
I had a set of Temperate Mess Kit made by the Tailor opposite the RIB POL point in 2002 (I assume they are still there?) There was no visual difference and the bonus of them making it comfortable instead of 'it has to be this tight as it's dress regs'. I paid £150 Cypriot rather than £700 in the UK which was very nice thank you very much.


I was given a pair of Cypriot made trousers from about 98. More comfortable than my UK made trousers and have lasted longer - no problems with quality. Sorry but I don't know which tailor made them.


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Bob down to Limassol or Pathos you'l get it hand made to your wishes there in one of the back street tailors
I got my missus a pair of boots handmade for next to nothing
The little old fella in Dodge at Episkopi made me a very nice tweed three piece for peanuts and the cobbler next door hand made me a very comfy pair of brogues too.

Damn I miss Cyprus.


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I had my mess dress made in '99 by the Tailor who had his shop next to our accommodation. It's wearing well now for £110 including minatures, a pair of frankly shite george boots, and the white hot climate jacket, I wasn't complaining.
In fact all the stuff I had made there is still going strong, unlike the much cheaper issue items.
That will be John the tailor, who, I suspect made my white jacket out of 'missing' bedsheets as it would never starch nicely.

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