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Temperate Camelbak cover



I have searched Google high and low, and now submit my query to the knowledge of the ARRSE masses.....

I was issued one of those dessie camelbaks on TELIC (Bloody fantastic bit of kit) and now i want to use it on an exercise which is strictly 'green'

Does anybody know if there is a replacement cover available, or am i going have to shell out my own hard-earned for a whole new temperate unit?
Wrap it in a spare T-shirt and stick in daysack? Use a black or DPM rucksack cover? Wrap in sniper tape?

Dunno about camelbak covers but initiative doesn't seem to be getting issued these days.


Bugger it, it'll just get popped in the back of my daysack when i'm on ex then, can't be arrsed buying a new one just for this!

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