Tels Reunion 2008

Discussion in 'REME' started by jose_quitongo, Mar 18, 2008.

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  1. Depending on the interest level, I plan to organise a "Tels" reunion this year at Arborfield. Due to limitations of JPA I cannot access any information to send out invitations to the "Tels" trained personnel still serving.

    To gauge the interest level can anyone interested in attending an evening of reminiscence with stimulating conversation, enjoyable company and fine food and wine please PM me so I can present my "business plan" to the RSM at SEAE for approval.

    The dates I have in mind are:-

    a. 6 Sep 08
    b. 20 Sep 08
    c. 4 Oct 08

    When PM'ing me can you please state your preferred date and also provide me with some details i.e. If you are still serving and your name,rank and address. I will then send out official invites with more details concerning the event once it has been approved. I should stress that this event will only take place if there is enough interest and also at the correct level.

    For any further info please feel free to PM me.


    Ps Stimulating conversation, enjoyable company and fine food and wine cannot be guaranteed but I'll give it my best shot
  2. What era are you looking to cover Jose?
  3. A Tels reunion !!!!!

    That'll be a right holler !

    118, 118

  4. Tech spankers.
  5. UniformKilo, mad-ferret, don't be so hasty in your criticism, it's stiffling.

    We'd all want a VM reunion except that we'd have to hire a stadium to fit us all in and call most of those still serving back off Ops. :D
  6. Fellas, this is a thread for a Tels reunion. Why are you commenting here if you aren't a tels tech?

    If you really need to start (yet another) Tech v Mech bashing thread if that really flicks your switch. Failing that go and look for any of the dozens of threads that have been dragged down by inane in-fighting badly explained off as banter beforehand.

    For all the Tels techs, be patient for a reply from Jose, his missus was being induced today so he may just be busy for now.
  7. definately interested. Will send details once I work out how to pm with this system. Good luck with everything. like sparky said, if your not a true Tels Tech, you're not qualified to even grace our presence.
  8. Err thats not what I said

    Sparky8- ECE and proud
  9. Sparky 8 - Why are you butting in if you are not a TELS TECH !
  10. Count me soon as I wipe the arrses of the baby VM's I'm looking after. PM on the way.
  11. Cos the bloke who started this thread works for me and is away at the moment.

    What a shock, Uniformkilo with a predictable joke/cack banter post. You could call me a maggott next because you haven't overused that to death.
  12. I take it an invites out the question then ?????????
  13. The ERA involved for the Tels reunion will be any ERA!!

    If you have been or are a tels tech and reached at least SNCO level then you are more than welcome to attend. If you are interested PM me so I can gauge the interest level.

    As I stated above there are conditions to be met before the function will take place. 50% of attendees must be serving SNCO's and a maximum 25% of both LE's and retired personnel(not my rules).

    As for the so called banter. Please don't post if you are not a tels tech with a genuine enquiry. If you just want to do some tech vs black hand banter start a new thread of your own and we all can all join in(if we really have nothing better to do with our time).

    Hope this clears a few things up.
  14. Who makes these rules, where are they displayed, are they in my Terms and Conditions?
  15. I'm not sure if you are trying to be funny. If you're not a tels tech you wont be coming to the reunion. Why would you want to if you aren't tels?

    If it is a joke please try to make it mildly amusing next time!