telly shouting.

Found meself wanting too or actually shouting at the telly more and more of late, either the content of programmes, peoples appearence/attitude or way of speaking, anything can set it off really sort, of t.v. tourettes. pretty sure it's an age thing and growing lack of tolerance and general dislike of people, am i alone ?
No mate, there are thousands of us. In fact you could join TWAHTS (telly watchers at home that shout), it's fairly well known, at least to men over a certain age who can't believe some of the shite that presenters spout, especially if you watch such super highbrow stuff like the Wright show. Where the fkuk do these knobbers come from!
That titmarsh bloke really wind me up and Richard f#cking of Richard and Judy not to mention Bruce aren't you dead yet forsyth. the list gos on....
That titmarsh bloke really wind me up and Richard f#cking of Richard and Judy not to mention Bruce aren't you dead yet forsyth. the list gos on....
I reckon Forsyth has been dead for years. He just doesn't realise it yet!


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Less so now that the odious mandelbum and alistair goebells campbell aren't on our screens - but I still twitch a bit now and then.
I've been at it for years- I find the best policy is to be open about it. Be careful because it will lead to shouting at newspapers, which can be embarassing if in a public place.
My missus goes bonkers at me when there is sport on the telly. There's me screaming at the telly, and her screaming at me - it's like being there at the ground there's so much shouting going on
There will be some screaming in this house soon, especially if England get ahead of WALES!!!!!!!!!
In the early nineties a mate of mine had been working overtime and returned to his place of work in the middle of the night where one bloke was alone on night duty with not much going on. My mate entered the premises to hear someone shouting "fook off you four-eyed baldy-headed Jewish coont!" at the top of his voice. His night shift colleague was addressing Gerald Kaufman on the TV set during an edition of "Question Time". And yes, he was an old git nearing retirement.
There's the on/off and channel change switch if I don't like what I see. I do tend to get p1ssed of by TV advertising tho' and as a matter of principle would not buy anything endorsed by a 'celeb'. FFS when was the last time Redknapp and Louise went on a package holiday? Does Parkinson have a 10 quid a month sun life policy? Does Linniker actually eat crisps? Money grabbing conmen one and all who effectively fleece the idiots of this world.... not to mention the moral blackmail that is the charity ads for cats/dogs/donkeys/pandas/whales/kids in need/kids in danger/old people/Africa/forests/oceans/Abos/blind/deaf/stupid ........... most of them in a far country and getting very little of the dosh collected.
Built up into a nice rant and feel better now.
That's amazing, Staggin. My missus has started accusing me of becoming a grumpy old bugger 'cos I've just started shouting at the telly even when it's not a rugby match.

I'm so glad to know that I'm not alone :-(

1. I admit that I am powerless over shouting at the telly—that my (missus's) life has become unmanageable.

2. I believe that a Power greater than I can restore me to sanity (it's called the "OFF" switch)


Ah feck it. I ENJOY shouting at the telly :-D

Nah ...not anymore ..the tourettes has stopped since that fcukwit lost the elections
Kirkcaldy has got its village idiot back ...and long may he stay there

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