Telling your employer you want to join the TA.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by mjmac, Jul 20, 2013.

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  1. Evening all,

    If there is anybody out there who could share there experiences of telling your employer you want to join the TA?
    What have been there reactions?
    How did you approach the situation of telling your employer?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Tell them only when you are legally required to do so. Most of them will hate you for it.
  3. I have just told my new employer that I am in the process of rejoining the TA and my line manager does not seem to keen. More details to follow should I be successful in my attempt to rejoin.
  4. Why do you think they dislike it so much?
  5. It is essentially disruptive to the main aim of most companies- making money. It causes friction in the work place and arranging contingencies for your absences is expensive and costly. In a nutshell.
  6. I have just become a delivery driver for a well known chain of supermarkets in the UK. The company does have a positive outlook on the TA but my line manager doesn't seem to keen. Weekends will mean taking time from my regular shifts.

    I intend to use my holidays but regular weekends away obviously mean she is a staff member down. Creating work for her. If I am deployed (without me volunteering) she will have to recruit and train a temp to fill my role. The bigger companies I have found to be ok, they can usually fill the gaps. A small company would struggle a lot more to fill the role. It is always more productive to have your regular trained staff member than train and use a replacement.
  7. "You want to do what??????????????????????:woot::woot::woot::???:"
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  8. I haven't had a problem with it in the past probably due to the fact I work for an agency part time.
  9. jrwlynch

    jrwlynch LE Book Reviewer

    Both times I've told my employer I've signed up as a reservist (green, then dark blue) the employer's been fairly obliged to approve: first time was a GEC-Marconi defence division, second time was a MoD trading fund, so neither were in a position to say "no, we don't support UK defence, you can't".

    Friends have ranged from "okay, but if it affects your real job you're sacked" to a carefully-crafted "but I did tell you, here's the proof" disclosure that the employer probably didn't notice (that one expects that if they get mobilized they'll need a new job on return regardless, no point rocking the boat early)

    In an ideal world I'd say just man up and tell them with pride, but I've been lucky that my employers can use my folly^H^H^Hpatriotic enthusiasm to their advantage to a certain extent.
  10. Tell your line manager to wind her neck in. Your company has a policy, she is required to follow it.
  11. Speaking to a mate last Thursday about this very subject.

    He is an employed at a large plant company where I work as an agency driver. They are not too keen about him signing up.

    However, management there have admitted to him that many skills he will learn would/could be transferable to the company and his absence for 2 weeks a year would easily be covered by an agency driver at hardly any extra cost. So the lack of support is somewhat puzzling. They obviously wouldn't be happy losing him for 6 months on tour, but I suppose that's unlikely to happen for some considerable time.

    More importantly, he has obtained the phone number of a bloke who is some sort of military/workplace liaison guy who is apparently bang up to speed on the sort of answers and 'spiel that my mate should be giving his bosses.

    This is for the Rockapes, (he is 42 with no previous military service) and I will have more gen this coming week.

    If anyone is interested and getting negative vibes from their employers, I can supply the liaison guys phone number.

    I wonder if the Army has a similar contact.
  12. For the same reason they dislike anybody in their workforce becoming pregnant.
  13. Glad this subject has come up. Im a chef with an MOD contractor and ex reg looking to join the TA, im hoping when I sign up the firm will be supportive but what they will think when I deploy which I am looking to do ASAP will be interesting.
    Their a big firm so the situation should be easily obsorbed and no difference in someone going off on maternity leave.

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  14. To be fair to her she hasn't denied taking time for the TA she just raised concerns that it may clash with my hours at work.

    My regular employment and uni will always take priority over the TA because it is what puts food on the table. I think my line manager knows that.

    If I could earn a comparable part time wage with the TA It would be slightly different.

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  15. To the OP, whatever you do - DO NOT do this! Company policy is the HR Director and a Managing Director getting an opportunity for a photo, a headline in the local rag and some cheap wine & cheaper sandwiches with clueless Army Officers. After that it is forgotten about.

    Your Line Manager sets the rules and the Reserves will not back you up in a dispute with your employer, the best they will do is send some ageing reptile from SABRE to shout at your Boss, hoover up the remaining cheap wine and totally ruin your career.
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