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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Queen_of_Lesbeth, Jan 22, 2008.

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  1. Im in the proces of joining the TA but am also looking for a part time job. My question is when I apply for jobs do I have to tell them in the interview or can i wait untill theyve already employed me?
  2. Oh sounds abit of a grey area since you arent actually in yet, wiser heads than me will know better but if youu were in the TA and applied for a new job you have to by law tell them you are in, I s'pose it's onlt fair to tell them you are joining but thats just MOO.
  3. Im in the process of giving up what little i had with the TA until i have sorted myself out physically, mentally and financiallly. I am also in the middle of looking for a new job, and have found that of the two versions of CV i have, one which mentions what little i have done with the TA and one which says nothing at all, guess which one has gained more response?

    As far as im aware, just to back up FFBOX, you are legally obliged to inform an employer if you are a member of the TA. Stand by for someone to say at what point is required though!
  4. If your not in don't tell them, trust me on this. Future employers see the TA as a big risk. I've missed out on a few permanent jobs because the employer was "concerned I might be tempted to go traveling". Travel never came up at the interviews.
    Contracting on the other hand is much better as you only have to tell the agency and they don't give a toss as long as you turn up and get the job done.
  5. I can't do contracting as Im in uni.
    I didnt think telling them would be such a good idea. So I wont untill i get a job and into the TAs.
    Am i wrong or can they not sack you when you tell them once theyve already employed you?
  6. Nope, they can sack you but they will have to use a different reason.
    How long before you know you have the job and how long before you are in the TA?

    Once you are in the new job just mention to some of your co workers over a beer that you saw XYZ programme on the TV and it has inspired you to join the TA. Then a bit later have a work with your boss about it.
  7. Like I sa I think its a grey area for you at the moment, but if you are in training and you dont tell them then isn't that misrepresentation ot plain old lying which is dishonest and wouldn't look good for you. If you've lied about that what else have you lied about kinda thing.
  8. If you are still doing a full-time university course, your being in the TA is not going to be the biggest problem any employer would see when looking at you. I wouldn't necessarily put it on your CV but I would be up front when you are at actual interview. Quite a few employers will see it as a good way of getting you cheap / free management training, quite a few will loath it and want nothing to do with you. Best to get that out of the way before you have committed to it as your new job.

    I have had four bosses who were fine about it (and only one of those was ex-Reg) and one who was a complete cnut. It varies.
  9. to hell with it, if you are anything like I was at uni, you'll get through loads of part time jobs. Seems a lot to take on though, part time job, full time course and TA.
  10. You only have to inform your employer if you are in full time employment.
  11. It does seem alot but its what I want to do so ill manage.

    Good to know that I only need to tell employers if im in full time employment.

    Thanks for the help.
  12. I wonder if I would want to work with people who took issue with my TA commitment. Hardly likely to be my sort of crowd, if they really did see it as either a risk or had some for of moral obligation I think it would be myself turning them down rather than the other way around.

    Anyhoo, discriminating on the basis of the potential of a prospective employee to take a leave of absence is illegal. Whether that be because they believe you may volunteer for operational tours with the army, become pregnant or go on long term sickness due to a disability etc. A company that does discriminate is both illegal and liable for prosecution as well as being the sort of morally dubious people I'd rather not spend my working week with.
  13. i applied for my job and the ta at the same time and told them when I got my job. They where good about it all though and give me 2 weeks a year for TA stuff.

    They have however got a bit arsy at times with my weekend commitment....stuff em though!
  14. So SparkySteve did having TA on your CV stop employeers recruting you? Thats bloody discusting!

    Has anyone else had probs getting a new job, and saying your in the TA?