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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, Jun 11, 2009.

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  1. Many a true word etc:

    Now they squabble
    With the writing on the wall for Labour after the EU Elections and the mass resignation of most of the cabinet, we are seeing a new fight breaking out.

    Who is going to cut what?

    Watch them squabble. Watch them try to scare the public, reassure the public.

    **** that.

    We are skint. The public has listened to the 646 telling them they have never had it so good. They have watched their house values artificially inflate, borrowed against it for hot tubs and 4x4's and now the 646 are squabbling over who is going to break the bad news.

    I will. Public debt is going to explode for the next seven years. It will reach 80% of GDP without cutting it. We're fucked. Bust. Kaputt. Skint. The last 12 years have been a sham. We have borrowed against our childrens future and now we have to pay it back.

    So. What to cut. Something has to go. Blue Labour or Newlabour cannot or will not tell us what, so here are a few suggestions:

    1. The Welfare State. You will no longer be paid to sit on your arse. Get out to work. If a million illegals and two million Poles can send money home, so can you.

    2. Take responsibility. If you cannot afford to feed your family, then say goodbye to the Skybox and the car. Get the ******* bus or get a job that pays enough.

    3. Stop spending your money on SHITE. Save it instead

    4. Eat less. The whole country looks like a pod of Whales washed up on a beach. Useless, bloated and doomed.

    5. Mongs, spaccers and flids - No more mobility cars, no more handrails on Everest, no more aromatherapy. Sorry, we're skint. Pay for it yourselves.

    6. No more Albanian Lesbian single mum drop in centres

    7. I'm sorry Sir, your child is a thick, ill mannered little ****. No more teaching assistants for him. He's bone idle, arrogant, dangerous and out of ******* control. Oh, and it's YOUR fault. Not mine, not the States, not his astrological star sign or an invented "syndrome". Sort it out at YOUR cost.

    8. You work for the council. You are now redundant. Go and get a proper job. All 7 million of you.

    9. Sort your heroes out. David Beckham is not a role model. Neither is some 17 year old Jamaican Gangsta with 12 kids by 12 women driving an Audi TT on drug money. They are the enemy.

    10. Do not believe a ******* word a Politician tells you. EVER.

    SLASH public spending. No wars, no Rieki head massage, no tax credits, no minimum wage and no ******* disabled parking.

    Live without the State. Be free of them. They have brought you nothing but debt. Debt is chains. Debt is slavery. No wonder the 646 do NOT want you free of it.
  2. I'll go along with that!

    We live in a society where 'survival of the weakest' has become the norm.

    If you're a hardworking couple with a house and a car, the chances are you can't afford to have kids. If, however, you're a 17 year old chav with no prospects and even less ambition, you can have as many as you like and get paid for doing it. Nobody cares that they too are going to grow up leeching off society!
  3. I would agree with just about all of that, apart from number 3

    What is the point in saving?

    The banks play with anything we see fit to save with them, and then when they fook up, we lose anything we have saved!

    So unless by saving, you say we stick it under the mattress, then there is no point to doing the former at all.

    But I do agree with the rest.
  4. I would venture that had we not just had two wars, the forces would have not only entered the recession much weaker, but left it having been the first target of the government's vicious cuts. At the moment the Treasury is on a three-line-whip; pay for the war or weather the storm of public outrage as the coffins arrive back in Blighty. Had there been no war, huge and catastrophic cuts could have been made, damaging the forces for years, with relatively little backlash.

    Blair might be a cnut, but his wars have protected the defence budget and produced one of the most battle-hardened professional armies in the world.
  5. Agree, but at the cost of really decent people, who should not have aged or died when they did.
    Its a shame, the forces have to get what they actually need at the cost paid!