Telling it like it is, cracking video

Bushy said:
Stumbled over this after another afternoon of aimless net searching. Much respect to the lady in question although i reckon if they had got her into the studio with the iman blood would have been all over the place. Either way, it cheered me up no end. Enjoy
Really fantastic Bushy. Great post.


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It is great to see someone talking such sense in a time of such trouble.

However, I bet her life insurance was cancelled about 30 seconds after the broadcast.

Madam, you have my respect.
This video was first seen on the Internet about February of this year and has been resurrected at regular intervals since. What I found heartening though, was the fact that it was taken off Al jazeera. Maybe there is some hope of getting through to the "moderates" yet?
That woman was amazing. Was it autocue? I hope not and that rolled off a tongue of someone with a bit of sense. I'm glad that guy didn't have the balls to talk himself out of that one.
I'd be interested to see her go up against Galloway actually. Maybe someone with personal experience of extreme islam whos at the wrong end of the range might give a good debate against his romanticising of Crime disguised as Militant islamism
How delightful to see someone, especially a woman, being allowed to express a view without being interrupted by the presenter for once!

Loved it where the imam began shuffling his papers as he blatantly had nothing sensible to come back with.

I would take my hat off to her if I wore one!


This should be shown on national TV at regular intervals. Perhaps the apologists and appeassers may get a better f*cking understanding of what these maniacs are intent upon.

That lady put it so well. I hope to f*ck she's still breathing.
seems like she is getting a ton of death threats though, crazy brave women. Must put her on the christmas card list[/quote]

Add the Muslim woman Irshad Manji to the list. Her book "The trouble with Islam today" had really set the cat among the (Islamic) pigeons. It is also a very good read!



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At last a voice of reason. I have heard it said recently that the War On Terror will only be won by moderate muslims, maybe this is the equivalent of a WMD?
what a top woman,a well presented and thought out argument. I see the old boy would'nt have any of it though. What hope do we have of getting through to these people?

Maybe Blair and his Politicaly Correct brigade should watch it.
What an amazingly high-tech suicide attempt! Well said doctor.
As someone who abhors the terror that is induced by modern organised religion this is a breath of fresh air!

I am with Ms Sultan on this, a secular and understanding human society will prevail, backwardness and needless violence won't.

Although if needless violence is required to f@cking spank some of these backward peoples into shape then who am I to argue?

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