Telling good brass from bad


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I bought a load of Kynoch ammo for my Mannlicher from two different sources but foolishly stored both together. One lot is splitting on firing, either in the case wall or, one one occasion, the whole thing, like below (not mine, a google image but similar).


Obviously I don't want to fire the bad stuff. Is there any way I can tell the good stuff from the poor stuff by visual inspection and what do I need to look for?
Is it still boxed? If so there may be a batch number on hte box or on a paper slip inside it. Separate teh two batches like this and then fire some of each until it's clear which one is splitting.

Otherwise look for difference in primers, lacquer etc.

What calibre are they?
Ah, boxes of five. That's a snag! I was going to suggest firing one out of each box and seeing what the results were!

If you have suitable scales you could try weighing the rounds. Otherwise it's down to a careful visual examination. Are they recent? In Kynamco cases?
These would be the guys to ask.

I think it might be overpressure / too tight a crimp but they came to a conclusion of excessive case trimming. Looked at reloading myself then went 'nah'.

4th post down. Take a flash photo and look for a double line (the fuzzy one) similar to that pic.
Shame your batches are mixed up.

Edit: contact your supplier anyway. They might have a few reports from others and could tell you which.


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If it was made by Kynamco - David Little - you really need to give him a call and tell him your story.

The problem is that some are new from Kynamco and are fine. I bought some others from an auction and they're the ones that are causing the problem.
From your pictures I would take a good technical guess that those cases have been drawn (as opposed to extruded). I wonder if somehow they have gone from the initial cup to the 3rd draw stage, missing out the second draw.

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